The Words That Come Before All Else

This Nidra was recorded during a Yoga Nidra for Creativity Immersion Weekend in California, USA 11/2/2019 with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli . It shares a style of Indigenous Yoga Nidra that holds space for sacred storytelling in the form of a lineage teaching often shared as a prayer/invocation for the Thanksgiving time/ fall harvest.

Sacred Temple of the Body

A ritual of self-worship & exploration of self-divinity recorded for Tantra for Women (not only for biological women) Sacred Cosmology Series IV – Ritual of Self.

Walking in the Beauty Way

Recorded for Tantra for Women (not only for biological women) class exploring the 5 Elements in the framework of the Navajo (Dine) People. 

Ancestral Nourishment

A delicious communion with rest and the ancestors. If you enjoyed my nidra I invite you to join my FREE monthly online gatherings for BIPOC Yoga Nidra Facilitators, hosted by the Yoga Nidra Network. Walking the talk of their ethical guidelines for the sharing of yoga nidra, Yoga Nidra Network are funding me, Yoli Maya […]

Tara’s Scissors Nidra

This total yoga nidra uses Tara’s scissors to cut you free of any unwanted addictions or attachments, guided by the wisdom of the heart. The recording was made in the urban wilderness of a London park, and it has the sound of the wind to support the energy of change and transformation.

Spaciousness and

Yoga Nidra by Petra -Natural being of light in PEACE with Sankalpa Light and lightness. Heaviness and ground. 15 min. Recorded on December 2019. Out of spaciousness series in English : 2. Yoga Nidra by Petra – Light and Space

Rainbow Lightbody DreamSong

This is an early-spring-time 30 minute private DreamSong nidra with a chanelled in-the-moment song. It is for those who want to welcome all that is, and respond with love… even welcoming the guest of fear into your guest house.  Find my music and workshops at

So Hum, Future Self

This Yoga Nidra was recorded at Mahadevi Ashram Guatemala during a retreat I ran called ShivShakti Sadhana. There are guided meditations from this retreat available on my soundcloud account here:

Solstice New Year New Cycle DreamSong

This 24 minute DreamSong Nidra is for stepping into this new cycle, into 2020 Vision. The song at minute 11.55 was improvised in the moment for this Nidra session. 

Welcoming Feeling Wondering

This is a standout Nidra recording for several reasons. I chose to highlight 3 major tools of Nidra making it very accessible while also asking the deeper questions Nidra can illuminate. It very much shows synthesis and development in my presentation of the Nidra practice. This is Total Yoga Nidra to the core and draws […]

I am light

This 26 minute nidra was recorded during my slow flow & yoga nidra class. The intention of this nidra is to welcome all that arises, every emotion  feeling and sensation and to release all that we wish to let go off and nourish ourselves with whatever it is we feel we need.  We start this […]

Your Voice is a Miracle, You are a Song’ DreamSong Nidra

You are a song. This 29 minute DreamSong Nidra with a channeled/improvised song is awakening the miracle of a living instrument that you are. It is to remember that each of us are made of sound, to welcome the jewel of your voice exactly as it is, to drop into the truth of this very […]