Regreso Al Corazen

This session is an invitation to return to the spiritual center of your heart to receive new strength and harmonization.

Future Best Self Yoga Nidra

This 17 min Yoga Nidra is combined with time travel to meet your Future Best Self. Simply because I could not get this idea out of my mind. It is intended to remind us of the infinite reservoir of wisdom and guidance available at all times. Especially times of great uncertainty like right now.  Future […]

Listen In

Settling into a receptive space for deep inner listening. This track is a part of Taking Back the Night (2020), a collection of yoga nidras specially created for survivors of sexual violence. Full album here:

Samadhi Yoga Nidra Healing

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation, a practiced in pure comfort while laying down in order to eliminate distractions and float with ease through the door of illumination where we experience our truest essence, the creation point where everything is known and everything is possible. While Yoga Nidra has been used for millenia to awaken to our […]

Tetralemma Yoga Nidra

15 min Yoga Nidra fur Problemelosung und Veranderung. Aufgenommen wahrend einer Yoga Nidra Stunde in Wien.

Dreiecks-Atmung Yoga Nidra

17 minuetiges Yoga Nidra, in dem Dreiecke visualisiert werden, um zu mehr Koerper- und Atembewusstesein zu gelangen. Aufgenommen waehren einer Yoga Nidra Stunde in Wien.