Yoga Nidra for Covid Support

This is a 30 minute welcome nidra taken from Nirlipta’s specially created course Yoga Nidra for Covid Support. It is a welcoming practice that you can continue to come back to throughout your recovery. Don’t worry, you do not need any prior experience of yoga or yoga nidra to do these practices and benefit from them. […]

Intimate Mantra,Yoga Nidra ACUPRESSURE

This 22-min live healing session features an acupressure point rotation and lots of parasympathetic triggers.Based on multiple yoga nidra approaches and validated by firsthand experience, intimate mantra, yoga nidra employs breathwork, sensory withdrawal techniques, visualization, and sound vibrations to gently usher fellow life-travelers out of the knottiness of daily busyness and into the simplicity of the present moment, […]

Aloe Vera

Compassionately soothing the skin burns of race-based stress injuries. This track is a part of At Home in My Skin (2022), a collection of yoga nidras specially created for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Full album here:

Making space for grief

This 25min invites you to create a space to be present with grief. We start by connecting to your resource of your wellbeing (an ever present, unchanging state of nature in which all sensation arises and falls) as a container that holds your sensations of grief. Having grounded in the body and with the breath […]

Nidra for Midwives & Shift Workers

A short, nourishing practice specifically for midwives or shift workers whose sleep patterns may be disturbed. Sufficient rest is key to all aspects of mental health. Emotional and cognitive resilience is nurtured by sleep. Our immune systems are depleted by lack of rest and under-slept people make poor choices. Sleep deprivation and disruption is a widespread […]

Wild Woman Story Time Nidra 28 min

Deep feminine story telling nidra following a Wild Woman’s journey home. Pairs of opposites grief and love. Recorded live at a women’s circle. Starting and ending with drumming. 27 min

Children’s Nidra on feeling Safe and Peaceful

This 10 minute nidra practice begins with a muscle tensing and releasing exercise, takes children to a safe place and guides them to connect to the safety, peace and love in their hearts. The recording is accompanied by the gentle healing and calming sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. This live recording was made in December 2020 besides […]

Peaceful place

A 20-minute to allow your body to deeply rest and pause while you will explore and cultivate your peaceful place. The intention is to foster resilience and release tensions and stress. 

Listen In

Settling into a receptive space for deep inner listening. This track is a part of Taking Back the Night (2020), a collection of yoga nidras specially created for survivors of sexual violence. Full album here: