The Library of Body Wisdom

This is a 17 minute journey into the body as a library, a museum or archive and explore the wisdom within, while the breath repeats the phrase, “I know, I understand” in multiple languages, representing the participants of the 2019 Turtle Island Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. Begins with chimes and proceeds […]

Intimate Mantra Yoga Nidra em portuguese (Brasil)

33 minutos. Baseado no poderoso sistema da Cabala, este ritual de cura assume a forma de uma sessao de yoga nidra para levi¡-lo a um estado de tranquilidade e plenitude. Sente-se ou deite-se confortavelmente, deixe o raciocinio de lado e permita que a pra¡tica aconteca por conta propria…

Reawakening to Spring

Recorded as one of two nidras for ‘Yoga Nidra – Rest to Reawaken’ in March 2022, Bristol. Focussing on the turn of the year towards Spring Equniox, the reawakening of the body during rest.  

Nurturing and Welcoming

This was delivered to a small in person class – the first for almost two years. Everyone was feeling very tender and unsure and yet very pleased to see each other and have the opportunity to experience a live yoga nidra.  The title says it all really.

Balancing Ida & Pingala Nadis

This energy body (pranamaya kosha) Nidra, focuses on balancing Ida and Pingala Nadis, through a combination of breath, awareness and visualization.

Regreso Al Corazen

This session is an invitation to return to the spiritual center of your heart to receive new strength and harmonization.