Balancing Ida & Pingala Nadis

This energy body (pranamaya kosha) Nidra, focuses on balancing Ida and Pingala Nadis, through a combination of breath, awareness and visualization.

Regreso Al Corazen

This session is an invitation to return to the spiritual center of your heart to receive new strength and harmonization.

Une ouverture sur l’espace du Coeur

Un voyage dans l’espace du coeur aide par la respiration calmante et le chant des oiseaux. Enregistee pendant un cours donne en visio durant le lockdown. Ideal pour la prise de decision, acceder e  la paix interieure 37min

Nidra Journey Session 3: Observing Thoughts

This yoga nidra guides you through a practice on observing your thoughts as they arise and dissolve in your minds. The practice is accompanied by the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. This session is the core practice for week 3 of the Yoga Nidra Journey.

Into the Summer Meadow

A 15 min yoga nidra for women with a visualisation that takes you around a summer meadow, exploring your connection to Nature.  

Rest in Aliveness

Revive and refresh with this twenty-six minute nidra.  In this world of speed, take some precious time to stop and and sink into yourself.  Belong to the stillness of the earth.  Open up to the fluid vibrancy of life moving through you.   Rest in your expansive aliveness.  

Journey of Inner Peace & Serenity

I take you on a journey through deeply calming woods where one comes to a pool of inner resources and a cave of safety and deep peace

Topf im Meer Yoga Nidra

18 min Yoga Nidra mit der Intention einen ausgedehnten Raum voller Integritat und Bewusstsein einzunehmen. Inspiriert von Uma Dinsmore-Tulis “Pot in the Ocean” Yoga Nidra. Aufgenommen wahrend einer Yoga Nidra Stunde in Wien.

Yoga Nidra Elixir Equilibrante

Este Yoga Nidra de 28 mins, ha sido grabado en un bosque de Fontainebleau al lado de un arroyo. Es un Yoga Nidra sanador y restaurativo equilibrando los tres potenciales del ser humano de amor, inteligencia y energoa.  This Yoga Nidra in Spanish has been recorded in the forest of Fontainebleau next to a water stream. It is a healing Yoga Nidra balancing the […]