Bedtime Nidra Floating in Space

In this 16 minute nidra that was recorded in a studio with professional equipment (so good quality sound and no background noise or snoring yogi’s 😉 you will be floating in space guided by dreamy sansula sounds.. there is no waking up at the end of this nidra so you can drift off in your dreamworld […]

Wild Dusk Nidra with River Sounds for Sweet Sleep

17min Wild Nidra for falling asleep to, recorded by the Rio Brugent (the Babbling River) in Catalunya as the sun was setting. With starry night rotation on marma points and a gentle journey down the dream river. Some queues are based on the female anatomy.

A 30-minute journey to unwind tensions and awaken Joy

A 30-minute permissive yoga Nidra to transform your tensions, to unwind and feel more energized.  Allow your body to deeply rest, relax and let yourself be guided into a place where you may have been already and where you know you feel SO at ease and at peace that all tensions & worries melt away. It can be done […]

Autumn Equinox 2020 Yoga Nidra and Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath

This 50 minute live afternoon session was recorded coming up to the Autumn Equinox 2020.  It is intended for deep relaxation and as such is not suitable for listening whilst driving or doing tasks. Listening with headphones at safe volume levels is best. Contraindications for sound healing are early stage pregnancy, epilepsy and pacemakers.

Nidra Journey Session 6: Awareness

This yoga nidra leads your through the kosha layers of body, breath, emotions, thoughts and love before guiding you to sense yourself as awareness…the unchanging in which ever-changing experiences arise and dissolve. This nidra is infused with sound healing vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls. It is the final nidra from Myriam’s Nidra Journey.

Nidra Journey Session 1: Body Sensing

A short simple practice to ground and calm you by connecting you to your body; suitable as an introduction to yoga nidra for anyone new to this powerful practice. This is Week 1 of the Nidra Journey.

Riding the Wave of Sleep

A 23 minute sleep nidra specially designed to guide you into sleep for the night.  Snuggle down and nestle up!  Enjoy welcoming each part of yourself back into wholeness and into rest. Ride the wave of the breath into a deep, nourishing night’s sleep.  

Yoga Nidra to connect with tranquility

A 26 minute yoga nidra to help you reconnect with tranquility and calm. Intended to be grounding. Recording with joy during the time of self-isolation.

Goodnight Yoga Nidra with Starry Night Rotation and Triangle Breathing.

A 28 minute yoga nidra to support you on your journey as you drift off to sleep or to help you rest deeply if you find yourself awake during the night or early morning. Koshi chimes are played as you settle into the practice and the sansula accompanies a starry night rotation. You are then guided through a quiet practice […]