Abundant Life: Pregnancy and Fertility Yoga Nidra

Recorded live beneath a tree in a garden in Amherst, Massachusetts, specially for the Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth online summit with Cathy Ospina (https://thefertilitypregnancyandbirthsummit.com/) – this nidra is teeming with life: the sounds of the crickets and the birds are present throughout the practice, offering a vibrant natural audio landsacape in which Uma’s voice keeps […]

Abundant Welcome Atlantic Nidra with Larksong and Ocean

This 19 minute-long Wild Nidra was recorded live on the rocks of Fanore beach, in the Burren, in County Clare on the West Coast of Ireland. It is a special gift for listeners to the The Feminine Wealth Code Telesummit www.thefemininewealthcode.com and is offered with generosity to all who wish to welcome abundance into their lives. There is plenty […]

Reconnect to source: Four Seasons Breath in the Heart Space

Reconnecting and calming, this 20 minute yoga nidra begins with a home-coming song from Lalleshwari, and settles with an awareness of four seasons of breath in the heartspace. Recorded live in Hawkwood College for the wonderful women on Alexandra’s Popes’ women’s leadership apprenticeship. Restful, restorative and nourishing. Enjoy!  For more information about the awesome work of Alexandra Pope in helping women to reclaim the Wild […]

Welcoming Breath Of Life At Turn Of Winter To Spring (Imbolc Nidra)

This 14 minute nourishing nidra was recorded at Imbolc, on the eve of Saint Brigid’s day, live in a beautiful yoga studio in a converted cowshed at Pure Camping (home of the Irish Santosa yoga camp) on the Loop Head Peninisula in West Clare, in the West of Ireland. The intention is to help us find a centre […]

By the Stream

This sixteen minute yoga nidra was recorded on an October afternoon by a lively stream, high up in the Heavens’ Woods in Stroud, in the Cotswold Hills in Gloucestershire. Its intention is re-integration, nourishment and restful meditative awareness, followed by a revitalising re-connection with everyday consciousness. The elemental structure of the recording is drawn from […]

Pot in the Ocean Yoga Nidra

This nineteen minute and 47 second yoga nidra was recorded live in Lesvos on a beautiful May morning. It was specially created to support a connection to loving integrity and trust, and it is an intimate recording, that includes the metaphor of the ‘pot in the ocean’: fully integrated with what is, inside and out. […]

Starlight River Burren Night Wild Nidra

This 18 minute Wild Nidra was recorded by starlight, on my phone by the banks of the Caher river in the Burren in County Clare. It was very dark, close to midnight, and there’s some rustling in the reeds at the start. It’s worth persevering through the rustle, to hear the Nidra floating on the […]

Moon Inside yoga nidra

This 13 minute yoga nidra practice was recorded for the Menstrual Health yoga day in Stroud in July 2014. It invites us to re-connect to the source of deep wisdom within ourselves, seated in the earth and water energies in our bodies.

Inside Sunshine Yoga Nidra (Shining the Light of Consciousness Within)

This is a gentle and awakening 16 minute practice to invite the inner light of consciousness to shine. It is a nidra that is hugely enjoyed when we share it in the Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Experience Online and we felt it was a good idea to share it here with everyone. Uma often uses […]

Simply Calm Yoga Nidra

Breath, visualisation & relaxation for stress relief – a sample track from the album Simply Calm by Nirlipta Tuli and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. If you enjoyed listening to this track you can purchase the full audio album in our shop.