Nidra for Midwives & Shift Workers

A short, nourishing practice specifically for midwives or shift workers whose sleep patterns may be disturbed. Sufficient rest is key to all aspects of mental health. Emotional and cognitive resilience is nurtured by sleep. Our immune systems are depleted by lack of rest and under-slept people make poor choices. Sleep deprivation and disruption is a widespread […]

Yoga Nidra for the Pelvis.

In this Yoga Nidra, you have a few invitations so you can shape your own experience. Ultimately the Nidra takes us on a journey as the body as a Rose Garden. During the journey, the Nidra offers the practitioner, if they wish, to visit the Pelvic area, as a central Rose Canopy or pavilion. There is also the opportunity to be with […]

Yoni Baum Yoga Nidra

12min Yoga Nidra, in dem du eingeladen bist, dich mit deiner Yoni zu verbinden und unter einem Yoni Baum, im Kreise deiner Schwestern und Ahnen Platz zu nehmen.

Yoga Nidra for Hot Flushes

Recorded at a live workshop, this nidra holds the intention to embrace both coolness and heat with equanimity. It introduces a phoenix-like creature to support the transformative possibilities of menopause.

Yoga Nidra for Menopause

A Yoga Nidra for menopause inviting deep rest, healing and trust that the Second Spring of postmenopausal will arrive in its own time.

Yoga Nidra for Perimenopause

A nidra especially created for the autumnal season of perimenopause, inviting us to rest, release and surrender.

Welcoming the Deep Feminine Nidra

A 26min yoga nidra recorded live as part of an online Women’s Yoga Circle 8th December 2020. It includes at rotation with the mantra Jai Ma offered to each place on the body. It closes with a beautiful poem by Carly Mountain, For more nidra with Sivani Mata live and in person please find […]

Sacred Temple of the Body

A ritual of self-worship & exploration of self-divinity recorded for Tantra for Women (not only for biological women) Sacred Cosmology Series IV – Ritual of Self.

Day 1 of bleed

A 20 minute yoga nidra to honour the first day of your period, with anointing your body and resting in the New Moon. Tessa has created the Colour Your Cycle: Inner Seasons Mandala where you can find out more about the gifts and tasks of your menstrual cycle.

Soft and Gentle Yoga Nidra

A 10 min yoga nidra, recorded during my online Yoga for Women circle. This is a gentle and nourishing practice that invites you to welcome softness and gentleness into your heart and body as you take a little time to pause from everyday life. It’s perfect to fit in at any time of the day, even […]

Stillness and Peace

This 11 min nidra was recorded live at my Yoga for Mothers class on zoom. It is a simple invitation for all mothers (and women) to pause and enjoy the stillness and peace of the present moment. 

Pregnant with twins

This 19 minute yoga nidra was created for one of my pregnant clients so that she could connect with both of her babies while listening to the relaxation.  See also the ones for a single pregnancy and for a baby in the breech position. There are more at including a postnatal one. Yoga nidra […]