Queen of the Moon – Childrens Nidra

Heart-centred, vivid and nourishing meditations and relaxation practices for the young – a sample track from the album Total Yoga Nidra for Children by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli Phd and Lucy Arnsby-Wilson DPsych. If you enjoyed listening to this track you can purchase the full audio album in our shop. We hope they inspire you and the […]

Queen of the Moon in Ukrainian

This is a tried and tested lullaby type of nidra, recorded in Ukrainian, to help children go to sleep.  It was created by Nirlipta Tuli and recorded with his permission by my Ukranian friend Oksana Kozak.  The ‘Queen of the Moon’ nidras were originally created by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli for their children.  An English language version can be found on the […]

Children’s Nidra on feeling Safe and Peaceful

This 10 minute nidra practice begins with a muscle tensing and releasing exercise, takes children to a safe place and guides them to connect to the safety, peace and love in their hearts. The recording is accompanied by the gentle healing and calming sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. This live recording was made in December 2020 besides […]

Yoga Nidra Morning Sky -Kids

With Kalimba Sounds. This is a beautiful 6 minutes soft way to wake-up children, especially those who have a tendency to wake grumpy ;-), or for early rising. Try it! Mine love it!

Yoga Nidra Wake Up

For children this 5 minute Yoga Nidra invites the morning sky to softly welcome you into a new day of light and freshness. Using a Kalimba instrument welcoming sound into the transition from sleep to waking.  Yoga Nidra de 5 minutos para ninos en el cual invita el cielo matutino dando la bienvenida a un nuevo dia de luz y frescura. Es en […]

Yoga Nidra Ninos

Inspirado en un Yoga Nidra por Uma Dismore. Es un Yoga Nidra equilibrante y para desarrollar la confianzaen los ninos. Se puede utilizar antes de dormir para los peques o a cualquier hora del dea. Yoga Nidra for children in Spanish inspired from a Yoga Nidra by Uma Dismore. It is balancing and develops confidence in children, it can be used at bed time or at any time.

Yoga Nidra for Balance

This practice was recorded live at the time of the autumn equinox at our monthly yoga nidra and meditation group in Shilbottle, North Northumberland. The recording has a bit of white noise but I’m hoping once you get going you will find it might actually be slightly soothing (little babies quite enjoy this fuzzy crackling […]

Kids Review of the Day Nidra

This kids Yoga Nidra was recorded in the afternoon of the one day Yoga Nidra for Kids workshop hosted by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD and Lucy Arnsby-Wilson PhD.  This Nidra encourages a balanced breath and incorporates a replay of all that has happened since waking up, like watching your day on a screen.

Short Nidra for children (I am Amazing)

A super short practice for children. This practice was recorded especially for a beautiful little girl undergoing intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.