I Let Go – Autumn DreamSong

This Autumn DreamSong for my Alchemy of Song retreat November 2021 cradles you in the tree of life as we begin to sink into winter. The song within it is improvised in the moment responding to the journey we are on together. Lie back and receive the wisdom of each falling leaf as we learn […]

Full Moon Yoga Nidra

In this Yoga Nidra listeners are invited to stettle through a Moon Cycle breath and connect to the feeling of mother earth, followed by a Moonlight body scan. The practise further creates open space resting awareness in 3 different areas of the body (Himalayan School inspired) and explores the opposite of embodied flowing movement and […]

Winter’s Rest

This 24min nidra is there to support a deep sense of rest. It uses winter imagery of your choosing to support this sense of rest.

Winter Solstice Nidra: An invitation to dance in stillness

Stillness is a key to enter the temple that we breathe. So let us invite stillness to grace us during this practice of yoga nidra as we surrender to being, resting, suspended like the solstice sun on this pale winter day. Winter is here now and She invites you to come inside…to sit by candlelight […]