Reawakening to Spring

Recorded as one of two nidras for ‘Yoga Nidra – Rest to Reawaken’ in March 2022, Bristol. Focussing on the turn of the year towards Spring Equniox, the reawakening of the body during rest.  

Topf im Meer Yoga Nidra

18 min Yoga Nidra mit der Intention einen ausgedehnten Raum voller Integritat und Bewusstsein einzunehmen. Inspiriert von Uma Dinsmore-Tulis “Pot in the Ocean” Yoga Nidra. Aufgenommen wahrend einer Yoga Nidra Stunde in Wien.

Already enough

This yoga nidra is designed to encourage to let the ebb and flow of abundance into our lives by realising we are already enough. In honour of the full moon in Taurus.

Lakshmi Yoga Nidra – Beauty and Abundance

This 19min Yoga Nidra was recorded live at our Women’s Yoga weekly class at The Life Centre, Islington, London, April 2017 during the festival of Navaratri (the 9 night celebration of the divine feminine). It is themed on the Goddess Lakshmi, the embodiment of beauty, abundance and heart centred love. It has a rotation of offering […]