Grounded Cosmos Nidra

A 15 minute grounded nidra journey into the stars and beyond.

New moon in Leo

Enjoy the new moon’s invitation to rest whilst engaging with the fiery energy of Leo

Ljus & morker, Light & Darkness Nidra

This 27 minute yoga nidra in Swedish honours the support from the earth beneath, and offers an exploration of light and darkness, as well as heavyness and lightness.

New Moon Taurus

Utilises the potential of spring with an invitation to set new goals and make new wishes.

Scorpio full moon

This yoga nidra invites you gently into the darkness by connecting you to the light within.

Aries new moon

Abundance and spaciousness make this yoga nidra the perfect meditation to accompany your new spring energy.

Full moon in Libra

20 minutes of expansive and reflective yoga nidra for you today, honouring the full moon in Libra

Full moon virgo

Enjoy this short but deep yoga nidra inviting you close to the spaces within and without the body. 

Aquarius new moon

Enjoy this 26 min recording inviting you to enter into the deep resting space of body and heart.

Leo full moon yoga nidra

Explore deep heart connection as well as total relaxation to make letting go at this full moon a practice of self-acceptance and forgiveness.