Connect with yourself Yoga Nidra

What would it be like to live my life from the place of remembering and honouring who I truly am? This Yoga Nidra practice was born of this question.  In the background “Forest and Nature Sounds” ( Finding a woodland in London with no sounds of cars, sirens or voices proved difficult…

Nidra Journey Session 3: Observing Thoughts

This yoga nidra guides you through a practice on observing your thoughts as they arise and dissolve in your minds. The practice is accompanied by the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. This session is the core practice for week 3 of the Yoga Nidra Journey.

Bridget Inspired Wild Yoga Nidra

This wild yoga nidra is inspired by the Goddess and Saint Brigid and was recorded in the woods on a glorious Spring day. Please listen if you would like to relax deeply. With gratitude to the Total Yoga Nidra community and special thanks to Nirlipta Tuli, Theo Wildcroft and all those on the YNTT Jan – […]

Wild Dawn Chorus Nidra

This 25 minute wild yoga nidra was recorded in my garden, just as the birds started singing on a crisp and clear spring morning. You are invited to travel awareness on a journey around the body, placing a plant or seed at each marma point, then honoring the soil and nutritious compost of the past below and unique blossoming flowers above, an expression of ourselves now, before returning to rest […]

GIFT Nidra : to nourish every dimension of being

This nidra is offered as a gift to everyone, very especially the members of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, in gratitude for the good work of raising awareness of Yoga (Nidra) Therapy as a powerful healing modality. It is the second track on Uma’s Wild Nidra album : to purchase the other for tracks […]

Living Earth Wild Nidra (rooted and enraptured)

This 22 minute practice is a naturally arising experience of ‘wild nidra’ that occurred at Hawkwood College, in the beautiful Stroud Valleys in the South Cotswolds. It’s a sunny February morning, on the last day of a Womb Wisdom retreat led by myself and Alexandra Pope. There are twenty-four women in the room, and a […]