The Story of Bhusunda

The inspiration for this Nidra comes from the teachings of the Yoga-Vasistha and the story of Bhusunda. Bhusunda is an enlightened, peaceful, person, born of goddesses, manifest as a crow, on a wish-fulfilling tree on Mount Meru (another name for sushumna) which peaks in the heavens. This nidra follows the practise of contemplation of the life-force (prana), […]

I am light

This 26 minute nidra was recorded during my slow flow & yoga nidra class. The intention of this nidra is to welcome all that arises, every emotion  feeling and sensation and to release all that we wish to let go off and nourish ourselves with whatever it is we feel we need.  We start this […]

Recharge with the healing energy of the full moon

This 27 minute nidra was recorded during my one of my yoga nidra classes. The intention of this nidra is to create a place of rest and invite for a reconnection with the breath and the energy of the full moon.  We start with a feeling of contentment, inviting gratitude in the heart space, followed […]

Sun Rise in the Landscape of the Body

Recorded live in class around the time of the Spring Equinox, this practice includes an invitation to experience the breath like a sunrise and a sunset. 

Nidra 4-7-8 Breath

Duration: 20min15sec. This is a 4-7-8 breath meditation nidra recording I made at a previous restorative workshop immersion I run. In this recording, you  are guided to settle and relax through the body followed by a soft visual meditation on the breath that builds up to the rhythm of 4-7-8 (inhale to the count of 4, […]

A journey Inside ( o calatorie spre sine) Romanian Language

It’s following the structure taught.  Welcome. Settling with breath and awareness of the senses.  Rotation only front of the body Uma( himalayan) style with awakening the part of the body with a flickering star,  Breath awareness,  contrasting emotions feeling powerful on physical, mental and emotional level.  Than weakness throughout and then holding both simultaneously.   Expansion […]

Japanese Breath Nidra

This 20mins nidra narrated in the Japanese language includes body rotation with a warm light generated by the heart and breathing guidance to nourish body on inhale and detox on exhale.