Yoga Nidra Morning Sky -Kids

With Kalimba Sounds. This is a beautiful 6 minutes soft way to wake-up children, especially those who have a tendency to wake grumpy ;-), or for early rising. Try it! Mine love it!

Yoga Nidra Wake Up

For children this 5 minute Yoga Nidra invites the morning sky to softly welcome you into a new day of light and freshness. Using a Kalimba instrument welcoming sound into the transition from sleep to waking.  Yoga Nidra de 5 minutos para ninos en el cual invita el cielo matutino dando la bienvenida a un nuevo dia de luz y frescura. Es en […]

Yoga Nidra Ninos

Inspirado en un Yoga Nidra por Uma Dismore. Es un Yoga Nidra equilibrante y para desarrollar la confianzaen los ninos. Se puede utilizar antes de dormir para los peques o a cualquier hora del dea. Yoga Nidra for children in Spanish inspired from a Yoga Nidra by Uma Dismore. It is balancing and develops confidence in children, it can be used at bed time or at any time.

15 Minute Nidra – meeting with a child of your mind

This is my 15 minute Nidra based on a visualisation journey to meet a child of our mind. It was my TYN course assessment Nidra that I gave in the shrine room of a Tibetan Buddhist centre in South London to a room of 40 ppl – my largest Nidra yet – a blessing to […]

Kids Review of the Day Nidra

This kids Yoga Nidra was recorded in the afternoon of the one day Yoga Nidra for Kids workshop hosted by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD and Lucy Arnsby-Wilson PhD.  This Nidra encourages a balanced breath and incorporates a replay of all that has happened since waking up, like watching your day on a screen.

Short Nidra for children (I am Amazing)

A super short practice for children. This practice was recorded especially for a beautiful little girl undergoing intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.