The Words That Come Before All Else

This Nidra was recorded during a Yoga Nidra for Creativity Immersion Weekend in California, USA 11/2/2019 with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli . It shares a style of Indigenous Yoga Nidra that holds space for sacred storytelling in the form of a lineage teaching often shared as a prayer/invocation for the Thanksgiving time/ fall harvest.

Into the Summer Meadow

A 15 min yoga nidra for women with a visualisation that takes you around a summer meadow, exploring your connection to Nature.  

Web of Life

On March 12, 2020, after having spent the last 5 years completely dedicated to practicing and developing the skills and wisdom required to induce an experience of radical healthfulness, healing, freedom, and wonder person to person, I walked into The HPRC Connection knowing that it was going to be my last opportunity for some time […]

Strength and love from the Source

This Nidra talks of the earth bringing power, compassion and warmth into the spaces of the belly and pelvis and these qualities are passed on to what we create. There is a rotation that returns again and again to the pelvis and the belly and offers the listener the chance to connect to the strength […]

Integrazione degli elementi – Integration of the elements (Italian)

L’intenzione è quella di integrare tutto l’elemento e tutta la dimensione dell’essere. La consapevolezza viaggia in tutti i luoghi in cui il corpo ha toccato la terra e ne è trattenuto. Ogni espirazione la terra del corpo, il corpo fisico, può rilassarsi e lasciarsi andare. Il corpo, nutrito dalla quiete, diventa sempre più pesante. È […]

Wells of Wisdom (bi-lingual)

Beautiful bilingual Well of Wisdom (Irish & English). 25.41 mins. A nourishing down to earth track from Ireland. Inviting a deep sense of connection with the earth, with the resonance of this magical land and language, with nature and inner nature. It opens us up to the deep well of wisdom that is…the heart. The […]