Trust as a Germinating Seed Trusts

Live recording at a workshop at St Vedast’s, near St Paul’s Cathedral in London, just as the virus was becoming a thing and we could still all lie down together. It was early March and I was bringing all the joy of germination from my sowing bench at Viveka Gardens Retreat Place in Devon. Classic […]

Magical Garden

This 27 minute nidra was recorded during the third live session of my case study. It was created for a group of women with burn out with the intention to go to a happy, magical garden of imagination and to fully let go of any negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, anxiety and feelings of stress. Also […]

Garden of Being Summer DreamSong – Alchemy of Song 2019

This 24min Summer DreamSong (nidra & live heart song) was an offering at one of my Alchemy of Song courses, in Earth Spirit Centre nr Glastonbury, May 2019. In this Nidra we plan the seeds of deep acceptence of what is and watch them bloom into flower. 

Garden Nidra

This is a Rod Stryker rotation, good for an evening practice or for the more experienced practitioner. The nidra is set in a garden which is created by you and at the end there is an opportunity to meet up with people in your garden. Enjoy x

Meeting in a Garden

In this gentle, 25 minute practice, you are invited to imagine meeting yourelf in a garden visualised in the space of the heart. If you’ve enjoyed this practice, and if you live in London, why not come along to Ben’s weekly yoga nidra class in Covent Garden on Sunday 26th June, where Daniel will joining him as a […]