Regreso Al Corazen

This session is an invitation to return to the spiritual center of your heart to receive new strength and harmonization.

Espacio Liminal de Quietud

Yoga Nidra para un profundo descanso en el espacio del corazón.  Música / Jai Ma de Lucas Masciano.  25min.

Welcoming Feeling Wondering

This is a standout Nidra recording for several reasons. I chose to highlight 3 major tools of Nidra making it very accessible while also asking the deeper questions Nidra can illuminate. It very much shows synthesis and development in my presentation of the Nidra practice. This is Total Yoga Nidra to the core and draws […]

Blossoming Flower of Trust DreamSong

This 35 minute DreamSong Nidra with two channeled/improvised songs is for those who want to open their gifts out into the world and blossom into full trust of life. This Nidra is also for balancing Giving and Receiving, for harmonising the constellation of your loved ones in your life, and for dropping into deep trust of yourself, and […]

Girl Named Sally

Delivered to a small group including a Nidra newbie and a pregnant mother this Nidra draws on almost countless inspirations. The name of the Nidra refers to the multi-sensory evocational portion which is presented as a story about a girl named Sally. The settling has language borrowed from Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, the sensing and evocation draws […]

Symphony of Song Nidra (DreamSong)

This is my first ever Nidra, offered to Uma & Nirlipta when i was training. Lie back and allow your whole body to become and song, and receive the melodies of dreams. 

Imagining into the New Year

This Yoga Nidra Practice was shared in the first week of January to gently feel into intentions for the new year.  The recording begins just as those taking part have settled and allowed themselves to be in deep comfort.  I invite you to join them and feel into what your heart may desire in 2019…This […]

Heart Breath (English)

This 20 min Yoga Nidra is a heart centered experience and the rotation of consciousness was inspired on the Himalayan tradition rotation. Is meant to provide abundant and boundless love and infinite compassion.