La lumiere, l’espace et le soin

La lumiere pour se ressourcer et commencer un soin Cette courte Yoga Nidra de 15 min, repose, inclut une intention et integre la dimension de l’espace de lumiere. Un espace, la lumiere et notre temoin qui tous, permettent d’autre.

Body of Light Nidra

Yoga Nidra with Jude Murray accompanied  towards the end by Richard Harding on singing bowls.  Bear in mind It does get a little quiet towards the end as Richard offers singing bowl resonances to each participant, but his voice comes in to complete the Nidra. Recorded at the Midwinter Stillness workshop in Uckfield on 16th December 2017

Inside Sunshine Yoga Nidra (Shining the Light of Consciousness Within)

This is a gentle and awakening 16 minute practice to invite the inner light of consciousness to shine. It is a nidra that is hugely enjoyed when we share it in the Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Experience Online and we felt it was a good idea to share it here with everyone. Uma often uses […]