Yoga Nidra for Hot Flushes

Recorded at a live workshop, this nidra holds the intention to embrace both coolness and heat with equanimity. It introduces a phoenix-like creature to support the transformative possibilities of menopause.

Yoga Nidra for Menopause

A Yoga Nidra for menopause inviting deep rest, healing and trust that the Second Spring of postmenopausal will arrive in its own time.

Yoni Shakti: Bhairavi Self Anointing Ritual

This forty minute yoga nidra was created to dignify and honour the experiences of menopause as a powerful spiritual initiation. The central experience of the self-anointing is rooted in a ritual meditation that was part of the spirituality module of Alexandra Pope’s Women’s Leadership Apprenticeship 2012. The experience remained vividly with me and returned as […]