Day 1 of bleed

A 20 minute yoga nidra to honour the first day of your period, with anointing your body and resting in the New Moon. Tessa has created the Colour Your Cycle: Inner Seasons Mandala where you can find out more about the gifts and tasks of your menstrual cycle.

The Womb Tree ( Mandarin)

The Womb Tree is custom-designed for my client, but unfortunately due to recording errors I missed the beginning part of the nidra, and since I helped her with a lot of hands-on settling, the recording didn’t include proper settling instructions that would otherwise be essential for other listeners

Yoni Shakti: New Beginnings

This thirty-eight minute yoga nidra practice honours the vulnerable power of innocence and the tender bright hope that accompanies new beginnings of any kind. It connects with the menarcheal energies of Sodasi, the sixteen year old goddess, and is intended to provide supportive inspiration for any time of new beginning. It is a recording of […]

Moon Inside yoga nidra

This 13 minute yoga nidra practice was recorded for the Menstrual Health yoga day in Stroud in July 2014. It invites us to re-connect to the source of deep wisdom within ourselves, seated in the earth and water energies in our bodies.