Breath as Rest w/ Journal Prompt

Breath as Rest takes us on a journey through the sacred landcape of the body as earth and sky. Reading from Gather by Octavia Raheem and journal prompt at the end.

Walking in the Beauty Way

Recorded for Tantra for Women (not only for biological women) class exploring the 5 Elements in the framework of the Navajo (Dine) People. 

Flourishing and Fallowing at May Day

May Day 2020: Nature is not sticking to pathetic fallacy with a sunny, abundant burgeoning of fertility and health at the time of lockdown. In the orchard at Viveka Gardens trees are covered with blossom, birds call their territory and lay their eggs, bees are buzzing and orange tip butterflies are flirting.  But one tree […]

Escape to the Aliveness of Nature

This Nidra is an offering to those who can’t get outside and want to connect into grassy places in nature, parks, gardens or fields. It may be of particular use to people in hospital or who are bed bound. It can also be enjoyed by anyone who just wants to feel like they’re outside in […]

Setting sail with sound

19minute permissive yoga nidra recorded at Santosa Yoga & Bhakti camp featuring Soundscape with my singing bowls and ocean drum in collaboration with Dr. Theodore Wildcroft offering voice in Yoga Nidra Enjoy a magical voyage on a ship powered by dreams.

Flower Yoga Nidra

Recorded Live at the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator Training in Stroud 2016