Pregnant with twins

This 19 minute yoga nidra was created for one of my pregnant clients so that she could connect with both of her babies while listening to the relaxation.  See also the ones for a single pregnancy and for a baby in the breech position. There are more at including a postnatal one. Yoga nidra […]

Abundant Life: Pregnancy and Fertility Yoga Nidra

Recorded live beneath a tree in a garden in Amherst, Massachusetts, specially for the Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth online summit with Cathy Ospina ( – this nidra is teeming with life: the sounds of the crickets and the birds are present throughout the practice, offering a vibrant natural audio landsacape in which Uma’s voice keeps […]

Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy

A simple practice for any stage of pregnancy inviting you to connect with your inner wisdom. Recorded live in pregnancy yoga class.

Pregnancy – breech baby

I recorded this especially for a client whose baby was breech to support the baby to turn head down. Please see also the handout on my website for asanas to help.

Breast love

A yoga nidra focused on the breasts, to create a loving and nourishing relationship with them. (15 mins)