Interconnected Web of Life Nidra

A healing journey to remember our universal design in the Web of Life, a time for remembrance and in the spirit of our collective liberation. Rest is renewal in the struggle for liberation.

Tensions release for deep rest

A 15-minute yoga Nidra to release all the tensions so that you can sleep better. ideal to do in the evening but also can be done whenever you need to take a break for yourself or need to let go of tensions and worries.

In Between spaces

This session is useful for pain release and re-connection with the self and/or intentions. The rotation goes around the spaces that exist in between body parts, bringing awareness of the space/connection we have in and out… The breathing goes in between the space and connection of the body with the earth and the sky. the intentions can be routed […]

Pot in the Ocean Yoga Nidra

This nineteen minute and 47 second yoga nidra was recorded live in Lesvos on a beautiful May morning. It was specially created to support a connection to loving integrity and trust, and it is an intimate recording, that includes the metaphor of the ‘pot in the ocean’: fully integrated with what is, inside and out. […]