A Relaxing nidra with musical Instruments

This 20 minute nidra is a live recording using a variety of instruments.It was week three of a four week course I ran in July/August 2018.  This nidra is relaxing and inviting. There is a lovely beach visualisation and some breath work, all designed to relax body and mind.

15 Minute Basic Yoga Nidra

This Yoga Nidra was recorded in 2013 on Uma and Nirlipta’s training in Stroud. When listening to this Nidra it will be necessary for you to have set yourself up comfortably already as it goes straight into the practice.

Yoga Nidra in Hebrew

This 17 and a half minute yoga nidra is all in Hebrew. This deep relaxation, a classical Satyananda yoga nidra, was recorded live at the end of a yoga class in Modiin, Israel, May 2017.

Yoga Nidra: Gentle Relaxation (10:50)

This is a quick, safe, simple, effective practice for gentle relaxation and anytime reset. Preparation  >  Bodyscan  >  Externalisation. Safe for beginners, kids, and those with special needs. If you are a beginner; if you are experienced but short on time; if you are stressed; if you want to slip into relaxation effortlessly; if you […]

Basic Yoga Nidra

This track is designed for deep relaxation and can be used by any level of student.