Soft and Gentle Yoga Nidra

A 10 min yoga nidra, recorded during my online Yoga for Women circle. This is a gentle and nourishing practice that invites you to welcome softness and gentleness into your heart and body as you take a little time to pause from everyday life. It’s perfect to fit in at any time of the day, even […]

Stillness and Peace

This 11 min nidra was recorded live at my Yoga for Mothers class on zoom. It is a simple invitation for all mothers (and women) to pause and enjoy the stillness and peace of the present moment. 

Yoga Nidra Descanso Profundo

Yoga Nidra de 40 minutos para un descanso profundo y reparador. Grabado en vivo con un grupo maravilloso de 20 personas, el Yoga Nidra finaliza con un poema de Rumi que invita a la reflexion y el silencio.    This Yoga Nidra was recorded live. It’s 40 minutes and deeply nourishing and it ends with a poem by Rumi […]

Spacious Emergence

This 36 minute recording includes a ~31 minute heart centered practice followed by an original poem and comes from the end of my favorite month of the year – May. As usual the practice draws from multiple lineages and inspirations. Notably I borrow some language from Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and the rotation has elements derived from […]