Changing of the Season Nidra

Recorded mid-September 2017, as the swallows have just left, storms have produced heavy showers then rainbows, and the log burner has been lit for the first time. Expect a visit to the fruitful Devon hedgerows and a tuning to the new mood of autumn. Recorded at Viveka Gardens at a Friday Night Nidra session. 37 minutes including […]

Reconnect to source: Four Seasons Breath in the Heart Space

Reconnecting and calming, this 20 minute yoga nidra begins with a home-coming song from Lalleshwari, and settles with an awareness of four seasons of breath in the heartspace. Recorded live in Hawkwood College for the wonderful women on Alexandra’s Popes’ women’s leadership apprenticeship. Restful, restorative and nourishing. Enjoy!  For more information about the awesome work of Alexandra Pope in helping women to reclaim the Wild […]

Welcoming Breath Of Life At Turn Of Winter To Spring (Imbolc Nidra)

This 14 minute nourishing nidra was recorded at Imbolc, on the eve of Saint Brigid’s day, live in a beautiful yoga studio in a converted cowshed at Pure Camping (home of the Irish Santosa yoga camp) on the Loop Head Peninisula in West Clare, in the West of Ireland. The intention is to help us find a centre […]