One to ones with Nirlipta Tuli

Nirlipta has been working with people on a one to one basis for about a quarter of a century, firstly with yoga as therapy, then as a clinical hypnotherapist and  more recently with Nidra therapy, a concept he devised in conjunction with his partner Uma. He works in a responsive, reassuring and permissive manner. Very deep relaxation is almost always part of the process. Co-created nidra/ a unique and soothing approach for pregnancy/ nidra for managing anxiety/ nidra for personal exploration/ therapeutic nidra.

The sessions tend to be extremely relaxing so it is good to ensure, (as far as is feasible) that the time immediately after the session can be one of down time rather than being too stimulating. Whichever session you chose, I recommend after you have booked your session that you take the time to write to before the session. Generally, it is suggested that clients briefly describe their concerns and what they hope to get out of the session(s) when booking, so that best use of our time together may be made.

Sessions often begin with a sharing check in and dialogue, followed by a nidra or a nidra meditation which is often, co-created by mutual collaboration. There are hypnotic elements to some sessions, most especially those dealing with pain management issues. Sessions are very personalised and suited to the needs of the individual. In some instances, there is a verbal dialogue during the nidra between Nirlipta and the client which can facilitate and deepen the process. All of this depends on circumstances of particular clients and sessions. Sessions are recorded for the benefit of the client to reinforce the benefits of the practice later on. The options for session are detailed below. 


Nidra for Managing Anxiety and Feeling Overwhelmed.

This is of great concern to many of us, especially now. These sessions are extremely soothing and reassuring. They provide space for oneself and time out from the grind of the bizarre unusual everyday lives we now live.


Sleep Well.

As an ex-insomniac Nirlipta has been working with people who have sleep issues, for over twenty years, and co-creates effective and personal strategies to aid sleeping better. There are a variety of ways of sleeping well, some done passively by listening to practices recorded by Nirlipta, some by being more pro-active such as learning how to utilise trance through a variety of means to sleep better, to go back to sleep, to do lucid dreaming, access creativity, to feel more productive. He shows people how to sleep well, to sleep better than they were before


Nidra to Explore Meaning and Purpose in Life.

This unique and powerful approach devised by Nirlipta works by deliberately integrating the everyday and the deeper unconscious mind to produce something which is much more potent. It is suited to those who wish to understand with more awareness, their motivations and direction; why they do what they do and how to beneficially accept or modify it. This is profound work, going beyond the


Nidra Therapy for Chronic Pain.

This unique approach is based on it being highly individual work, that each person has their  own intimate relationship with pain. this is acknowledged and respected by Nirlipta. It is deeply healing.This is a boon for people who have long term conditions involving chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, back pain, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, lupus, chronic pelvic pain, chronic fatigue, phantom limb pain and so on. It enables a differing and more beneficial relation with the pain as well as providing relief from it for varying periods of time. A variety of approaches are utilised on an individual basis.


Nidra and Hypnosis for Pregnancy and Labour.

Nirlipta has been working with pregnant women for over a quarter of a century, with their partners too, to teach them how to use hypnosis to generally be of real help in labour with the women effectively for over twenty years. He taught yoga for pregnancy classes, birth rehearsals and hypnosis for labour and birth to couples at Kings College Hospital and St Thomas’ Hospitals in South London for ten years, two of the very busiest maternity hospitals in the UK.

These bespoke sessions are done without padding. It should be emphasised that they are very intensely relaxing and reassuring, whether a woman is going to be a first time Mum or is already one. It is solid core work to help the pregnant women enjoy their gestation and labour as comfortably and safely as possible. Misleading promises are not part of the itinerary. Where hard work is required there will be guidance, tools and resources provided. A woman is pregnant in her body. She labours in her body, not in her head. Nirlipta shows how to use the mind to be in the body and travel on this journey in a way that is as realistic, relaxing and reassuring as possible. Sessions are informative without being overwhelming.

Cost and Booking

The cost is £108 for a one hour session and £54 for 30 minutes. 
To book a one to one please email Virginia 
PLEASE PUT 1:1 session and your name in the title of the email.