Total Yoga Nidra Online Immersion Experience: Frequently Asked Questions

I've enjoyed listening to some yoga nidra practices on this website and would like to learn more. But I've never practiced yoga and know nothing about it. Is this course suitable for a complete beginner like me?

This course assumes no prior knowledge or experience, and all yogic concepts and terminology that are included are explained along the way. However, the course is quite academic in style and proceeds at quite a pace. So if you're completely new to yoga then you'll need to assimilate a lot of new concepts and information quite quickly.

Whether this course is suitable for you then very much depends on how you feel about that! In weighing it up you might like to consider that online study may be more suitable than doing the course 'live, in person', as you'll be able to work through the material at a slower pace and revisit it as often as you like.

I can't decide whether to do the Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Experience 'live, in person', or online. Can you help?

Which course is better very much depends on you, your learning style and your priorities. 

The 'live, in person' course is ten hours of contact time, and the topics covered are selected from a portfolio of topics according to the time available and needs of the group. The online course however includes the whole range of topics, and comes in at about fourteen hours study time. So across the whole range of topics the material is covered more thoroughly on the online course. Also, the online material is much more highly structured than the responsive, organic approach Uma and Nirlipta take during their 'live, in person' training, so if you appreciate a linear structured approach then the online course will probably suit you better.

The advantage of the 'live' course is that you are carried along by the teacher and your fellow students. This is particularly helpful when it comes to practicing the nidras, where the teachers are there to hold the group and you get the full benefit of the group energy. So unless you are an experienced 'yoga nidrista' you will probably gain more from the practice sessions in the 'live' course.

Home study would certainly suit my circumstances better, but I don't know if I want to do my study sitting in front of a computer. To what extent can I take the course materials offline?

This is an online course, and as such there are limits to the extent you can take the course materials offline. There are three elements to the course material - audio recordings of yoga nidra practices, written content, and video lectures – and for each the situation is different:

  • The yoga nidra practices are designed to be listened to often and integrated into everyday life according to your situation. Although they can be streamed from the website, to facilitate their use we also have made them downloadable. This means you can put them onto any device you like, and listen to them whenever and wherever you want.
  • As far as the written material goes, we have included a PDF of all the written course content which includes a summary of all the video lectures.
  • The video lectures themselves however are not downloadable and can only be streamed from the website. This was necessary to protect our intellectual property.

My friend and I are thinking of buying one Online Immersion Experience and studying it together: how do you feel about that?

We set up the Yoga Nidra Network so that as many people as possible can benefit from this wonderful practice, so we're delighted to hear that you and your friend are interested in learning more!

However, the work Yoga Nidra Network does supporting thousands of practitioners, and the work we do teaching Total Yoga Nidra, is all funded by course sales. So if you choose to not pay for your course you impact our ability to do this and also the livelihoods of everyone who works here. This may eventually force us to increase the price of courses for students who do decide to pay, and could ultimately jeopardise the work that we do. So we very much hope that you choose to recognise the energy put into developing and maintaining this course and to play your part in supporting the Yoga Nidra Network, by paying for your training.

To encourage everyone to make a fair contribution, when assigning places on the Teacher & Facilitator Training Course we will only recognise registered course attendees.

I am interested in the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher & Facilitator Training. I am an experienced yoga teacher who has practiced one style of yoga nidra for many years and teach it regularly to my students. Do I really need to do the Immersion Experience foundation course first?

The Total Yoga Nidra Teacher & Facilitator Training Course is, among other things, a comparative course. It considers not just the various delivery modes of the practice - audio-recording, class-setting, one-to-ones and self-practice - but also the various delivery styles, including a close analysis of the main schools. To ensure that the whole group is able to approach this together it's imperative that participants are already familiar with these modes and styles, and have distilled from this experience their own opinions and insights.

The Immersion Experience is the place where that breadth of experience is gained. If you already have deep experience of several schools of yoga nidra then the Immersion Experience may not be necessary, but if your experience is limited to a single form then the Immersion Experience is an essential precursor for the teaching course.

I'd like to buy this online course, but I don't live in the UK and don't have a UK bank account. Can I still participate?

Yes, you can. Our online shop uses PayPal which this processes payments in a wide range of currencies. It will work out the price in your local currency, and the associated currency exchange fee is met by us.

I'm interested in studying online, but would appreciate the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the course tutors. What avenues would there be for me to do this?

Anna's role is to provide support for all our online students. So in the short term, if you have any questions or queries then please email her at If it's a question about the practice or theory of yoga nidra then she will most likely get an answer from the course tutors, and will send that on to you. The reason we ask you to go through Anna rather than mailing us directly is simply that Anna has the time to keep careful track of everyone's questions and will make sure that you get an answer from us.

I'd like a certificate to confirm my course attendance - is this possible?

We provide certificates of completion for both 'live, in person' and online courses on request, and they can be posted or emailed to you as you prefer. However, because in an online environment we have no way of knowing if a student has actually completed the material, we ask that those requesting a certificate first take a short online test (we promise that if you've actually worked through the material and practiced the nidras this will be easy!) Those wanting to do this, please get in touch once you've finished and we'll send you all the relevant information.

Is it possible for me to pay for the course in installments?

In special circumstances we do accept payment by installments for our 'live, in person' courses. But as the online course purchase process is fully automated there is no way for us to administer it for these. So what I suggest is that you save up the installments you would pay, and when you have the full amount you can purchase the course then. In the meantime there are plenty of free yoga nidras for you to enjoy, and we make sure new ones are added regularly. Also, if haven't tried it already you can do the first one-hour of the Online Immersion Experience for free.

We hope this answers your question, but if not then please do get in touch with Anna at Thank you.