Sleep Well: FAQ

I've never practiced yoga and have never even heard of yoga nidra before today: will I still be able to reap the benefit from this course?

This course is designed to be accessible to everyone: it assumes no prior knowledge of, or experience in, yoga nidra, nor any background in yoga. You stand to gain as much from this course as someone who has practiced yoga all their life.

I've done the Total Yoga Nidra Foundation and/or the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher & Facilitator Training: does this course contain new information, or will I have already covered everything?

If you are experienced in the practice - and especially if you've trained with us - then much of the first section (where the practice is introduced) will be familiar to you. The next five sections however cover completely new material, and the eight yoga nidra practices included in those sections have not been made available anywhere else.

I don't suffer from insomnia but I teach yoga nidra - will this course be useful for me?

This is not a 'general purpose' course - it is very much targeted on yoga nidra's therapeutic application in the field of sleep and the content is relevant only in that application. However, it may well be of value if you have students who suffer from insomnia as it will give you insight into their condition and into how yoga nidra can be used to facilitate good sleep.

I know that screen-time in the evening interferes with sleep patterns, so how can an online course do anything other than exacerbate my insomnia?

Good question! The course materials are all accessible through our website and everything you need is there on screen as you work through it. But to ensure you can get away from the screen if they want to there is also a PDF of the written material, which you can download and print off, if that's what you prefer. And as for the yoga nidra the practices themselves, they are designed to be integrated into everyday (and everynight!) life and so are downloadable. Once you've put them on your computer you can transfer them to whatever music application or device you like and listen to them however you please.

I'd like to buy this online course, but I don't live in the UK and don't have a UK bank account. Can I still participate?

Yes, you can. Our online shop uses PayPal which processes payments in a wide range of currencies. It will work out the price in your local currency, and the associated currency exchange fee will be met by us.

I'm interested in studying online, but would appreciate the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the course tutors. What avenues would there be for me to do this?

Anna's role is to provide support for all our online students. So in the short term, if you have any questions or queries then please email her at If it's a question about the practice or theory of yoga nidra then she will most likely get an answer from the course tutors, and will send that on to you. The reason we ask you to go through Anna rather than mailing us directly is simply that Anna has the time to keep careful track of everyone's questions and will make sure that you get an answer from us.

In the longer term we hope to reintroduce regular webinars. Each session will focus on a specific aspect of the practice, and will start off with a talk given by Uma and Nirlipta and will then open up into a Q&A session. As online course students you will get early notification of webinar dates and will be able to buy places at a reduced price. We plan to start these up again in Autumn 2016, and we will mail all course participants as soon as the first set of dates has been scheduled.

We hope this answers your question, but if not then please do get in touch with Anna at Thank you.