Nidra for Midwives & Shift Workers

A short, nourishing practice specifically for midwives or shift workers whose sleep patterns may be disturbed. Sufficient rest is key to all aspects of mental health. Emotional and cognitive resilience is nurtured by sleep. Our immune systems are depleted by lack of rest and under-slept people make poor choices. Sleep deprivation and disruption is a widespread […]

Ancestral Nourishment

A delicious communion with rest and the ancestors. If you enjoyed my nidra I invite you to join my FREE monthly online gatherings for BIPOC Yoga Nidra Facilitators, hosted by the Yoga Nidra Network. Walking the talk of their ethical guidelines for the sharing of yoga nidra, Yoga Nidra Network are funding me, Yoli Maya […]

And the Great Mother Said Yoga Nidra

FREELY GIFTED to the Woman Unleashed Online Solstice Retreat Community 2018 This 28min Yoga Nidra was recorded live on a Women’s Yoga Retreat with Uma and Sivani Mata in the evening (after a delicious avocado chocolate cake), March 2018. It is themed on nourishment and rest, celebrating Nidra as an embodiment of the feminine with the sound of JAI MA […]