Encounter Source Power and Engaged Yoga through Pure Yoga-Tantra | PORTUGAL

retreat portugal christopher gladwell and uma dinsmore-tuli

2 - 8 August 2016

A Seven Night Empowerment Retreat with Christopher Gladwell and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

at Gravito Hills, Portugal


A retreat for all with ritual space holding and healing ceremonies, women’s circles and life-stage initiations, and men’s group work.

Attendance at all events and classes is optional, leaving you free to select from the practices, circles and groups that are most appropriate to your needs on any given day.

  • Four total yoga nidra and/or wild yoga nidra practices daily (morning, afternoons, evenings and good night yoga nidras)
  • Early morning meditation and movement practice
  • Dedicated ritual space holding and healing ceremonies for men and women, and for the whole group together
  • Four sessions of women’s circles for healing life stage initiations (for details see below)
  • Four sessions of men’s group work for healing life stage initiations (for details see below)
  • Engaged Yoga – empowerment class, build or develop a strong, appropriate physical practice that meets you where you are, and honours the seasonal flow of energies within and around you
  • Chant the mantras of the non-dual traditions
  • Afternoon restorative yogas to nurture and nourish
  • ‘Rivers of honey’, rhythmic yin movement sequences and moving meditations to delight and inspire
  • Dream yoga and journalling / drawing to integrate and welcome the creative transformative shifts of the circles and group work
  • Time to honour your inner teacher, to listen to your heart, and say ‘yes’ to all that you dream you can be
  • Bhakti yoga – kirtan and song-sharing in the yoga of devotion
  • Yogic dance – the counterpoint of asana, spontaneous dance play
  • Massage – heart listening through the hands
  • Periods of silence – the opportunity to go deep into the gift of silence
  • A day of swimming at the beautiful, pristine river Zazere
  • Study sessions with YONI SHAKTI and ENGAGED YOGA as the key texts
  • Special diets are catered for
  • Children, babies, pregnant and postnatal women, menopausal women, and those seeking to conceive, are all welcome.


Women’s Empowerments through Circles and Ritual ceremonies

The four women’s circles offers ritual space holding and ceremony for healing life stage initiations. Each of the four days involve two specially created yoga nidra practices, circle work and sharing, rhythmic movement and breath, explorations of the Great Wisdom Goddesses (Mahavidyas) teachings in relation to each life stage, using mantras, mudras, meditations and healing sound.
The focus of each day for women  joining these circles, (following arrivals and settling in) is as follows:

  • Onset of menstruation – celebrating the girls we were at Menarche (healing our past)
  • Menstruality consciousness – honouring the rhythms of the bleeding women of the world, welcoming conscious menstruation as a spiritual practice and ecological imperative (healing our present and past)
  • Creativity and Sexuality – letting the source power flow, exploring the links between sexual and creative energies for women at all stages of life
  • Menopause and Perimenopause – honouring freedom in our wisdom years, exploring our future selves and celebrating yoginis of the past.

Women thinking of attending these circles are warmly encouraged to engage both with Yoni Shakti through the free downloads available on WWW.YONISHAKTI.CO, and with Menstruality Consciousness as presented through WWW.REDSCHOOL.NET

Please note that these circles and empowerments cover the same material covered by the womb yoga training, but in a purely experiential and engaged way. They are suitable for all women, including complete beginners and yoga teachers.


Men's Empowerments 

Four days of Men's groups including: 

  • Circles for discussion and exploration around what it is to be a man in the modern world, what is the role of testosterone today?
  • Masculine sexuality in theory and practice. How can yoga help?
  • Authentic Brotherhood, competition or support?
  • Yoga specific for men
  • Fatherhood, the dance of responsibility
  • Our inner feminine in balance in a world out of balance
  • Ageing with power and grace


Bookings and Further Information:

The cost of this retreat is £790
Go to www.christophergladwell.com/retreat/summer-empowerment-retreat-pure-yoga-tantra/ to book your place


Pedrogao Grande
3270-351 Leiria