Women's yoga nidra weekend: Rooted, Enraptured and Deeply Nourished | IRELAND

total Yoga Nidra in Ireland

14 - 15 May 2016

Saturday 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli


For women: to be nourished and enlivened!  Rooted and Enraptured: Celtic Yoga Spring Revival weekend for women, with yoga nidra, and nourishing rhythmic movement. 

A chance to be nurtured and re-awakened with Total Yoga Nidra and Celtic Yoga practices. Our focus  is on rooting through the feet and legs for growth and balance, and yoga nidra three times daily.  Including, breathwork, sound work, poetry, gentle movement and revitalising practises. Exploring how yoga can nourish and revitalise, and reconnect us with the spirit of the land and the light as we move into the season of summer.

There will be a Sound Bath on Saturday night and use of the Spa facilities over the weekend are included.

Maximum 27 participants.


All the yoga nidra practices shared over this weekend will be recorded and made available through the yoga nidra network site to those participating in the weekend. Copies of The Celtic School of Yoga, Yoni Shakti and DVDS and CDs will be on sale at discounted rates for participants.

Attendance at this event gives access to a special 'Irish route' to completing the prerequisite for the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator Training. There is a lot of yoga nidra included in this event, but unlike the Total Yoga Nidra foundation weekends there will also be some other practices shared, which means that we won't spend all ten hours doing Nidra as we do in the Foundation. For those people who want to sign up for the full training in Aran (19-25 June) you would need to make up some extra hours to do the full foundation course by completing the online version of the Foundation course, and so Uma has organised for participants at this event to get a discount on the Online Total Yoga Nidra Foundation course. If you would like this discount please contact our student support angel, Anna Meredith <studentsupport@yoganidranetwork.org> after you have made your booking in order to claim your discount. 



1000 Arrivals, settling, Welcome yoga nidra with poetry and meditative greeting for everyone.
1045 Introductions, intentions, who we are and why we’re here!
1100 Rooted and enraptured - a systematic series of yoga movement practices to awaken and nourish the feet and legs, to bring positive streams of energy through the pelvis and into standing and moving.
1145 Tea break
1200 Moving through the body - rhythmic seasonal movement to restore vitality and enhance energy levels
1300 Nourishing yoga nidra
1320 Lunch break
1420 Overview of Celtic yoga - reclaiming our own spiritual heritage and revitalising through yoga…the big picture -
1450 Yoga nidra for homecoming and nourishment
1520 Breath and movement to reconnect with elemental source energies and the spirit of the land in this season
1620 Tea break
1645 Moving like snakes: fluid movement sequences to welcome life and vitality as we move into summer.
1715 Sound and closing yoga nidra for the evening ahead
1800 Close

Optional Evening Event **1930 -2100 Sound healing with crystal bowls

1000 Welcome back, gentle movement followed by Yoga Nidra meditation in restful poses.
1100 Check in with everybody (dream and sleep, energy levels)
1130 Exploring the cycles of our lives - doing home to ourselves - Celtic yoga in our everyday life.
1145 tea break
1215 Using support to enhance energy levels - working with the walls, exploring standing sequences and fluid movement to optimise vitality.
1320 Lunch break
1420 Restorative poses and breath cycle practices from the Celtic School of Yoga for optimal digestion, and vitality .
1445 Yoga Nidra with sound, poetry and mantra for healing and vitality.
1515 Moving like snakes: fluid movement sequences to welcome life and vitality as we move into summer.
1610 Carrying this home with us - Q &A
1600 Close



Orchard Suite, Falls Hotel, Ennystimon, County Clare – www.fallshotel.ie

There is a special deal to book accommodation in the Hotel - this has been organised by Jane Ahern in the Hotel operations department -  Bed and Breakfast €50 per person sharing, €65 per single occupancy. If you would like to book accommodation with the Hotel please email them directly on reservations@fallshotel.ie 

On the retreat there will be access to the Falls Hotel River Spa, swimming pool, sauna, and steam room – all really beautiful facilities and well worth making use of.



Cost of reserving a place, and for all expenses of the course including lunch is €54. 

PLEASE NOTE that the cost of registering on the course is a payment to ‘make it happen’: it covers the actual expenses of the course, including lunch and refreshments…  it DOES NOT include any payment whatsoever for the cost of the teaching itself. 

At this event the teachings on the training are offered as a gift, and you are invited to make a gift in return for this teaching, in the tradition of dana - gifts from the heart for the teachings. This event, like all Uma's inedependent teachings in Ireland throughout 2016, is operating 'off grid' from the usual forms of monetary exchange. So there is no charge for the teachings at this special event , but you are invited to bring cash gifts to give to express your thanks for the loving gift of the teachings. As a guide to what sort of amount is the appropriate gift to give, you may find it useful to know that when these one day events are offered in Stroud, UK, the charge for the teachings, including meals is £150 (not including accommodation); when Uma offers this kind of events offered in London the cost of the teaching (not including meals or accommodation) is £175.

By opening up the cost of the teachings  to the gift economy it gives you the chance to feel into the value of these priceless teachings for you. You can give as much as you feel is appropriate, depending upon your own sense of the value of the teachings to you. By going ‘off grid’ from the usual way of charging for such events, we are taking a step in the right direction - dismantling oppressive economic regimes and settling this work very firmly in the field of heart-exchange. The teachings flow from from our hearts to yours and we trust that your hearts will be touched by the teachings and guide you to make the appropriate gift. You can make the gift in cash direct by placing it on the altar at the end of the weekend, or if you prefer you can make the gift online through out contribute page on this site. To hear Uma speak more about gift ecomony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AByYTKynno



Contact Laragh Cunningham: laraghcunningham@gmail.com


Orchard Suite
Falls Hotel
Co Clare