Consciousness flow deep relaxation

This nidra is in Chinese. This is a nidra that invites you to feel the flow of consicousness around the body through the process to help you slow down and relax deeply

Yoga Nidra for Balaka

Balaka is a Lunar Nitya and and aspect of Kali.  She comes to visit us 12 nights after the Full Moon.  She is the Goddess of Self-Indulgence. Music on this Yoga Nidra is provided by Kevin MacLeod. If you want to know more about Bakaja you can watch this video explaining her symbols. If you want […]

Soundscape Satyananda Yoga Nidra

A very special impromptu collaboration with Nirlipta Tuli (voice) Sam Bloomfield (didgeridoo) and Ling Mann (singing bowls) offered at A Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training. London.

Quiet, Peaceful, Calm

This is a short, 19-minute Yoga Nidra, to encourage you to relax into this moment. Nothing else matters. Nothing to do and nowhere to go. Simply allowing yourself to move deeper into stillness. The sequence is accessible to all, especially if new to Yoga Nidra, as there is no descriptive visualization on this particular track, […]

So Hum, Future Self

This Yoga Nidra was recorded at Mahadevi Ashram Guatemala during a retreat I ran called ShivShakti Sadhana. There are guided meditations from this retreat available on my soundcloud account here:

Tensions release for deep rest

A 15-minute yoga Nidra to release all the tensions so that you can sleep better. ideal to do in the evening but also can be done whenever you need to take a break for yourself or need to let go of tensions and worries.