Una sesión para el más profundo deleite y descanso profundo en el espacio del corazón, sede del sueño profundo. Esta sesión, está acompañada de los paisajes sonoros y mantras de Lucas Masciano.

Relajación profunda y recarga

Esta es una práctica restauradora de 15 minutos para soltar, descansar y navegar por los reinos lineales del descanso.

Full Moon Yoga Nidra

In this Yoga Nidra listeners are invited to stettle through a Moon Cycle breath and connect to the feeling of mother earth, followed by a Moonlight body scan. The practise further creates open space resting awareness in 3 different areas of the body (Himalayan School inspired) and explores the opposite of embodied flowing movement and […]

Winter Solstice Nidra: An invitation to dance in stillness

Stillness is a key to enter the temple that we breathe. So let us invite stillness to grace us during this practice of yoga nidra as we surrender to being, resting, suspended like the solstice sun on this pale winter day. Winter is here now and She invites you to come inside…to sit by candlelight […]

Slumber: a yoga nidra to welcome sleep as a treasured and beloved guest

A luxurious 45 minute yoga nidra to welcome sleep as a treasured and beloved guest. Like any treasured visitor, we begin by preparing the space to be as inviting as possible – the perfect balance of light and dark, warm and cool. Just right for you to snuggle up in bed and drift off with […]

Rhythmic dance with the Queen of dreams

During this journey you are invited to settle; allowing the dance of and through the body to unfold. Allowing the Queen of dreams to unfold her powers and deepen through a mantra. This practice includes the sound of a Kalimba and chimes.

The Library of Body Wisdom

This is a 17 minute journey into the Library of Body Wisdom, a museum or archive and explore the wisdom within, while the breath repeats the phrase, “I know, I understand” in multiple languages, representing the participants of the 2019 Turtle Island Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. Begins with chimes and proceeds […]

Aloe Vera

Compassionately soothing the skin burns of race-based stress injuries. This track is a part of At Home in My Skin (2022), a collection of yoga nidras specially created for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Full album here: https://kimberleyluuyoga.gumroad.com/l/AHIMS2022

Liv og energi og ne ring til krop og se

24 min. Let life and energy sprout in your body! Recorded in my bog and complete with the chirping of birds, croaking frogs, buzzing insects and other nature sounds.