Welcome Nidra

This Welcome Nidra is from our online Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Experience course. You can read more about our Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Experience Online: SAMPLE SESSSION here. The sample session acts as a ‘taster’, so you can get a clearer idea of whether you want to purchase the whole course. It’s also a great […]

Yoga Nidra 10: In the Yoginis’ Temple

From Yoni Shakti by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli This twenty-two minute practice offers an experience of welcome and of deeply restful healing in the temple of the yoginis. The practice arrived to me during my research for the early history chapters of Yoni Shakti, when I developed a powerful dream connection with these temples. The practice was shared in a […]

Opening Up to Abundance

This gentle & permissive Yoga Nidra lasts for 30min and uses a visualisation of a journey up a mountain to reconnect to your intrinsic abundance & power and the opportunities around you in every moment. Recorded in winter in a favourite armchair beside a toasty fire.

The Healing Body

During this 32 minute gentle yoga Nidra, exceptional care & kindliness towards yourself is practised. Through the visualisation of the bud of a flower on a vast tree the journey to return home to your truth & power and your body’s ultimate healing power is created. Recorded in a private session to my father who […]

Your Circle of Connection

This Yoga Nidra practice lasts for 31minutes. Using triangular breathing to settle the body. During the visualisation create your own safe circle of friends and loved ones to hold you & be held by you in a place where you can be seen and met and loved. Recorded during lockdown, when the need for human […]

Full Moon Yoga Nidra

A short Yoga Nidra, for the Full Moon. Recorded on the Full Moon evening of 9th October 2022.

Let Ma Hold You

This Nidra practice was recorded on a Saturday Morning after the full moon of Guru Purnima and draws inspiration from some of my favorite teachers. I mention my teacher Uma and borrow some language from her teachings. The essence of this practice is held in the understandings gleaned from the least talked about and possibly […]

Wild rose women’s Nidra

This 20 minute Yoga Nidra explores a beautiful connection to the wild rose and the rotation is a women’s rotation, focusing on the breasts and womb space. The practice was created to bring in whatever is needed in the moment for the woman listening, with the deep respect and love of the wild rose, enjoy!

Wild flower Nidra

This 15 minute practice was created in the closing circle of our Yoga Nidra training. It was created as a thanksgiving for the Teachers and practice. This Yoga Nidra was created to connect you with your own voice and way of sharing in the world and is ideal for Yoga Nidra teachers but also for […]

Queen of the Moon – Childrens Nidra

Heart-centred, vivid and nourishing meditations and relaxation practices for the young – a sample track from the album Total Yoga Nidra for Children by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli Phd and Lucy Arnsby-Wilson DPsych. If you enjoyed listening to this track you can purchase the full audio album in our shop. We hope they inspire you and the […]

Yoga Nidra for Covid Support

This is a 30 minute welcome nidra taken from Nirlipta’s specially created course Yoga Nidra for Covid Support. It is a welcoming practice that you can continue to come back to throughout your recovery. Don’t worry, you do not need any prior experience of yoga or yoga nidra to do these practices and benefit from them. […]

Queen of the Moon in Ukrainian

This is a tried and tested lullaby type of nidra, recorded in Ukrainian, to help children go to sleep.  It was created by Nirlipta Tuli and recorded with his permission by my Ukranian friend Oksana Kozak.  The ‘Queen of the Moon’ nidras were originally created by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli for their children.  An English language version can be found on the […]