Total Yoga Nidra: Introduction to Self Practice

13 – 15 August 2017

Sunday 1000 – Tuesday 1630

with Nirlipta Tuli

at Sitaram Studio, Tanglewood, Gunhouse Lane, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2DB


Most people who do yoga nidra are accustomed to listening to a teacher delivering the practice to them at the end of a class, or else perhaps by listening to a recording at home. 

There are however other ways of practicing which don’t rely on having to go to a class and listening to a teacher, which don’t have to rely on what the teacher decides to deliver (a sometimes hit and miss affair) and which are much more suited to the needs of the individual. 

By our own spontaneous and practical realisations, by  our own dedicated and persistent efforts, and from interesting discussions with a fair number of our students, some of whom have had similar experiences over the years, we have come to realise that there are more profound ways of experiencing yoga nidra, in more ways and in more depth, and with the very real possibilities of adapting the practice to the needs of the individual. 

Here’s the thing: yoga nidra can be experienced in a more totally fulfilling way. It can indeed be done according to the needs of the individual. It can be done by oneself, for oneself. It can be done in a tailor made bespoke fashion, by oneself. It can be delivered to oneself by creating it and delivering it in several ways, to oneself. It can evolve, almost as if by itself, if certain procedures are followed.

If one has a keen interest in developing one’s practice further for yourself then this course may well be the one to do to make this so. One may wish to explore paths of spiritual growth, of personal development, to create and/or develop particular skills, to be better at work, as a partner, a lover, or in other relationships, or simply as a person.

During the length of the course there will a mixture of theory to show how to develop a total approach to yoga nidra, the opportunity to experience quite a lot of delivered and facilitated nidra, in order to aid in the creation of one’s own. Practical sessions to create one’s own nidra or nidras, and also further individual guidance to make this so.

There will be types of pattern making approach to creating one’s own nidra(s) by script, recorded and non-verbally without any external promptings (which is a most intriguing and effective method for those interested in doing so).

The course will involve much lying around in nidra, getting ready for doing so, enjoying the effects of having done nidras, preparing one’s own nidra(s), good home cooked food, refreshments, snacks, country walks and a lovely blazing wood burner to sit by in the house. 

The course is held in the home of Uma and Nirlipta, the founders of Total Yoga Nidra, and is designed and delivered by Nirlipta in a way that is friendly, gentle and so that teachings can be comfortably absorbed and enacted, and so that optimum conditions can exist for the creation of one’s own nidra(s).

Recordings of the nidras facilitated during the course will be available for use after the course.



Day one: 0930 arrivals for 1000 - 1800 followed by supper
Day two: 0930 - 1800 followed by supper
Day three: 0930 - 1630 then departures.



Venue and Accommodation

This venue in Stroud is Uma and Nirlipta's home. Please note that you are welcome to arrive up to 30min before the course start time, but not before then.

Accommodation is not included in this course, but there are number of local options. Contact details for B&Bs recommended by previous students, and also accommodation with the very lovely Cistercian Sisters, our neighbours at the Brownshill Monastery can be found on our Course Practical Details (Stroud) PDF


Cost and Booking

The cost of the weekend is £297 which includes all tuition, mp3 recordings of the Nidras delivered over the weekend, meals (lunch and supper on days one and two, and lunch on day three) plus refreshments. 

To book your place please contact Sivani Mata on


Transport and Directions

Stroud is 30 miles north west of Bristol, and is on a mainline train link direct from London Paddington (90 minutes. It is about 105 miles west of London (approximately 2 hours driving on M4 and A419). For complete directions please download the Course practical details (Stroud) PDF


Sitaram Studio, Tanglewood
Gunhouse Lane
United Kingdom