Little Lalla Songs EP


Mystic Songs in Wild Places

An album of songs by Lalleshwari, recorded live with mantra by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD

These little songs are my offering of gratitude for the inspiration I have drawn from the work of Lalla. Lalleshwari, also known as Lalla (the word for ‘darling’ in Kashmiri), or Lal Ded (Granny Lalla), was a mystic poet yogini who lived in Kashmir around 1350. She went naked, singing her songs and sharing
her truth. She practiced yoga tantra and was beloved by Su s, Yogis and Hindus alike. I believe she was deeply familiar with many altered states of consciousness, including Yoganidra. She embodies what Ranjit Hoskote (author of ‘I Lalla’) describes
as ‘Compassion, common sense knowledge, and resistance to authority.’ Lalla is my bhakti yoga heroine.

I am working on a bigger collection of songs and nidras inspired by her work, but in the meantime, since so many people have requested that I share these, here is a pair of the Lalla songs
I love to share at the end of Yoga Nidra practice. I recorded them late one evening by the river Pera in Gravito Healing Retreat Centre.

I went on Pilgrimage, looking for God... Jai Ma

In the Jasmine Garden. Om Parashaktyai Namaha, Om Namaha Shivaya