Total Yoga Nidra Foundation: What Our Students Say

Of the first 80 students to reply to our online survey:

100% rate the course 'good' or 'excellent' in terms of enjoyment

98% rate the course 'good' or 'excellent' in terms of usefulness

98% rate the course 'good' or 'excellent' in terms of value for money

What they say about the course:

"It was transformational and I have come away full and deeply inspired - thank you to all involved.”

"I loved the course, it has made a profound change for me.....I cannot thank you enough. I am looking forward to doing the teacher training with you so I can share this gift. Thanks and blessings.”

"Everything was made very clear. It was well thought out and you packed a lot in...No messing about! Great!”

"The whole course was absolutely fantastic. I came away feeling overwhelmingly pleased that I had attended. Every aspect was great, but the feeling of being so well looked after, safe and supported was amazing.”

"I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and even now, 3 days later I am feeling the benefits of it. The whole experience of the weekend has also given me the commitment to practice yoga nidra everyday.”

What they say about the teaching:

"I found it very enlightening to receive instruction from both teachers (Uma and Nirlipta). Their different styles and approaches to nidra allow the student to access the practice from two different shared viewpoints - which is in itself very nidra. I feel I have been nourished by their differing contributions and blessed to have received their teaching.”

"It was an enormous privilege to be able to be on the receiving end of teachings delivered with passion and wisdom. The whole experience was nourishing personally - I felt uplifted for days - and it gave me food for thought about the benefits of experiential learning through immersing oneself in the practice. I felt that it was embodied rather than taught and plan to take these ideas into my own teaching.”

"I enjoyed Uma and Nirlipta's energies. Their knowledge and enthusiasm shone through. I really appreciate a non-dogmatic approach, and not limiting us to strict rule and time-keeping. I prefer to experience a teacher's positive energy and enthusiasm for their subject allowing us to go off on tangents and making the course special to us. So thank you to you both.”

"The teachers - Uma, Nirlipta and Ben - were the best thing. They have so much goodness in them and it's apparent in everything they say and do. The course itself didn't feel at all pedantic or preachy, which one may expect with such qualified individuals.”

"Uma showed us not only by teaching and sharing but her very demeanour had that element of joy and loving kindness oozing out of her.”

"Ben was so inspiring and ignited the need to know more about the research - I found his nidra very powerful.”

"Nirlipta has a quiet calming energy which worked really well in the delivery of the nidra.”

What they say about the venues:

London, England: “The whole place was magical and we were greeted on our first day by a monk who told us where the course was being held. The cafe was gorgeous too.”

Stroud, England: “It was wonderful to be welcomed so warmly into Uma and Nirlipta's home. It felt like a privilege to be able to stay there and enhanced the experience of the whole course.”

Clare, Ireland: “The location is lovely”

Cumbria, England: “I loved the venue - the hall in which we did the course was warm and light. The food was fantastic and the atmosphere was calm and friendly.”

What they about the rest of it...

"The practical experience with the various types of nidra was great.”

"I enjoyed the mantra and live music - I felt this provided a foundation upon which to base the practice. I wasn't expecting this inclusion and it made me smile, thank you.”

"Organised and generous provision of good quality props made it a comfortable space.”

"The workbook bibliography was accessible and easy to understand.”

"It was totally unexpected that we would be getting the recordings [of the practices delivered on the course]: fantastic!!!”

"I loved the friendliness of everyone on the course and the kindness shown by all. It was a completely new experience for me and I loved every minute of the weekend.”

"The sheer scale of teachings that we got through and the course booklet was incredibly generous and full of useful knowledge, during and away from the course.”

"I appreciated the clear and academic layout of the notes with accompanying bibliography. The notes are excellent and really support the lovely fluid nature of the course.”

"A totally sublime swin through the subconscious, a tantalising trail through our thoughts and an enlightened Emerson of emotions where the lid wasn't totally secured and the power of yoga nidra gently rocked the riverbed of dreams yet realised, dormant beneath the surface. Thank you so much." 

Many thanks to our students for generously providing these comments, and for their permission to include them here