Isabell Haas

Conscious movement and rest practices are my anchors in navigating within this patriarchal system of grind culture. My practices greatly support my own healing journey and deeply connect me to sensations of joy and pleasure – my basis for embodied resilience. With I wish to create a space for connection and support for people living […]

Diane Petra Kicherer

Je souhaite faire découvrir la magie de cette pratique en français, en anglais mais aussi en tchèque. Yoga by Petra – est à la recherche de la lumière qui est en vous et vous aide à s’aligner et se ressourcement dans la pratique des mouvements de yoga que j’enseigne à Genève, et à la montagne […]


Hiii, I’m Emilie and I’m guiding Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Yoga, in French. Let me know if you are aware. Emilie Coucouuu, Je m’appelle Emilie et j’accompagne en Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga et Trauma Sensitive Yoga en Français. N’hésitez pas si cela vous tente. Emilie.

Jaylyn Bernachi

Total Yoga Nidra Facilitator & Well Woman Yoga Therapy Teacher Jaylyn is a full-time yoga teacher, wellness mentor & space-holder specializing in women’s well-being and spirituality. Practice Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra with Jaylyn on YouTube (@innerswim), or visit for 1:1 healing and specialized programs.

VijayaSree Feres

VijayaSree is a certified Yoga Therapist trained in the sciences of classical & therapeutic Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Trauma Therapy, Healing Arts, Classical Tantra and more. Priestess of the Divine Feminine, she specializes in guiding and empowering women in all areas and stages of life. Since 15 years, she offers holistic healing therapies, spiritual […]

Tiffany Allen

I work as a counselor, yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, and intuitive energy worker weaving together elements of each to create healing experiences that are tailored to the individual and their needs in that moment. As a healer and altogether witchy woman, I find nidra to be one of the most magical practices I’ve encountered. It […]

Amarande Desquibes

Psychologue et psychothérapeute depuis 2010, la vie m’apprend que toute guérison ne peut pas restée mentale et le yoga me ramène au corps. Après 10ans d’exploration du hatha Yoga et du Yoga Nidrâ de Satyananda, en 2019 je choisis de rejoindre Uma Dinsmore-Tuli et j’intègre ses formations en Yoga Nidrâ et le Well Woman Yoga […]

Kate Rock

I trained as a yoga teacher in 2019 where I first encountered Yoga Nidra and immediately knew I wanted to explore it more, much more. I went on to train with Helen Moss on her Nidra Restore/Imagine Rest Course (2021) and it was obvious from this experience that training with Total Yoga Nidra Network was […]

Katerina Chronopoulou

A lovely young Yoga Nidra class teacher standing down in the shade of a tree

I first discovered Yoga Nidra during a shamanic training and a whole new world opened up to me. It definitely helped me access my creativity and intuition in a way I didn’t expect. I then encountered Yoga Nidra again with Uma Dinsmore Tuli during the Well Woman Yoga Therapy Training and discovered how helpful it […]

Caitriona Leavey

Caitriona shares the magic of Yoga Nidra at her yoga classes, sound-baths and retreats

Alyssa Fortune

The African-white hair woman sitting on her sofa with their surrounded by textured background

Alyssa (she/her), is a certified Yoga Nidrā teacher in the Total Yoga Nidrā Network and lead practitioner for Roots of Rest, located in Washington, DC. It’s her desire for folks to be replenished, to experience themselves in rest through a restorative yoga practice. Roots of Rest centers QPOC, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ folks with the sleep […]

Marjolein Vos

A lovely yoga teacher wearing a red dress to look awesome

My name is Marjolein Vos and I’m a blessed mother of five beautiful beings, born naturally and peacefully at home. Besides that I’m the founder of Wombfulness and since 2018 I’ve been organising and guiding retreats for pregnant women, mothers with their baby/child and lately also mums with daughters around the menarche age. I see […]