Yoli Maya Yeh

Yoli Maya Yeh is a Yoga & Shiatsu Therapist (AOBTA, VYASA, Yoga for the Special Child) and an Educator in Comparative Religions and Global Studies (MA Comparative Religious Ethics). Yoli works at the intersection of Indigenous Preservation, Healing Arts and Social Justice through the design and implementation of experiential education-based Decolonization, Dialogue, Collaboration and Community […]

Sivani Mata Francis

Sivani Mata has been using Yoga Nidra, the sublime practice of “yogic sleep” as a daily practice for many years now, and in April 2013 she completed the Total Yoga Nidra teacher training with Nirlipta Tuli and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, and is now able to share this invaluable practice which has aided her healing process over the years. Sivani […]

Nirlipta Tuli

Nirlipta Tuli is a certified yoga therapist, who has been teaching yoga since 1989 and practising and teaching Yoga Nidra for almost as long. Nirlipta is the co-founder of the Yoga Nidra Network and has trained and mentored hundreds of teachers to deliver Total Yoga Nidra. Nirlipta has an MA in Indian religions, a diploma […]

Dr. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

I was first introduced to yoga at the age of four by my mother and I began meditating at nine on a pilgrimage with my maternal grandmother. Yoga and meditation have been part of my daily life ever since. As a naturally curious and enquiring yogini, I have engaged passionately and critically with a variety of […]

Sue Blanch

Sue is a menstrual cycle educator, mentor, yoga teacher and author of œYoga and the Menstrual Cycle “ Live in Harmony with your Natural Rhythm. She enables women to live life at their optimum health and well-being by living in sync with the natural ebbs and flows of their cycle. She struggled with her cycle […]

Cryn Horn

Passionate about the healing properties of Yoga, especially in this super stressful era. I started attending yoga classes when I was 50, started teaching when 56 and have not looked back.  Yoga has been a constant companion during the ups and downs of life experiences, illness and health – nurturing, sustaining, healing, teaching.  I aim to […]

Tanya Forgan

Hello – I’m Tanya – Mother, Yogini, Eco Feminine Activist and Community Builder based in Berkshire. I create diverse and safe spaces for women to gather to heal, rest, share, move, co-create, explore and build connection and community. The absolutely divine practice of Yoni Shakti Yoga has inspired the way I teach and practice yoga myself. I am in deep […]

Virginia Compton

I am an independent teacher, not affiliated to any organisation. My passion is to share the  ancient philosophies and benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda to help others to find peace of mind and well being in a holistic way in the modern world. To enhance this experience I offer retreats, in depth workshops and individual private […]

Kirsty Innes

When Kirsty was living in Japan, she witnessed a small group of neighbours come together in the evenings to make ˜funny shapes with their bodies. Mesmerized by these people, each almost triple her age, yet seemingly happier, healthier and far more energetic than she was, she decided to enquire. She learnt that they were doing […]

Melissa Softley

I initially undertook Womens Yoga Therapy trainings with Uma to add another string to my bow as a yoga teacher. What happened during the course of this training was a profound shift in my connection to myself as a woman. I realised that this training was for me. To honour and reconnect with what being […]

Theodora Wildcroft

Personally, I had been teaching for a few years and practicing regularly myself for nearly a decade when the strong, alignment focused practice I had been doing began to feel wrong for my body. I was tired every time I came to my mat and I could find no more will to push myself further. […]