Kate Rock

I trained as a yoga teacher in 2019 where I first encountered Yoga Nidra and immediately knew I wanted to explore it more, much more. I went on to train with Helen Moss on her Nidra Restore/Imagine Rest Course (2021) and it was obvious from this experience that training with Total Yoga Nidra Network was […]

Katerina Chronopoulou

I first discovered Yoga Nidra during a shamanic training and a whole new world opened up to me. It definitely helped me access my creativity and intuition in a way I didn’t expect. I then encountered Yoga Nidra again with Uma Dinsmore Tuli during the Well Woman Yoga Therapy Training and discovered how helpful it […]

Caitriona Leavey

Caitriona shares the magic of Yoga Nidra at her yoga classes, sound-baths and retreats

Alyssa Fortune

Alyssa (she/her), is a certified Yoga Nidrā teacher in the Total Yoga Nidrā Network and lead practitioner for Roots of Rest, located in Washington, DC. It’s her desire for folks to be replenished, to experience themselves in rest through a restorative yoga practice. Roots of Rest centers QPOC, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ folks with the sleep […]

Marjolein Vos

My name is Marjolein Vos and I’m a blessed mother of five beautiful beings, born naturally and peacefully at home. Besides that I’m the founder of Wombfulness and since 2018 I’ve been organising and guiding retreats for pregnant women, mothers with their baby/child and lately also mums with daughters around the menarche age. I see […]

Thomas Woller

Welcome dear and thank you for your interest. I am happy to facilitate regular Yin/Restorative & Yoga Nidra group sessions and offer private sessions, optionally infused with tuning fork impulses to really settle in nicely. Come as you are, all are welcome!

Priyal Shah

Eclectic Soul, sharing the breath of Nature, the flow of the rivers running wild through the wild shakti and shiva cosmos of the tranquil lands where Nidra lays at the feet of our Supreme beloved the immortal reincarnation of Vishnu

Sharon Copland

I first came across the amazing practice of Yoga Nidra through Karen Brody’s Daring to Rest programme. As an experienced Counsellor, I have found Yoga Nidra to be essential for my own self care and am very enthusiastic about spreading the word to other counsellors, those who care for others in professional or personal capacity […]

Cecilia Allon

Since discovering yoga in 1999, I’ve found my practice to be an incredibly powerful tool for support and positive transformation in my life.  I’ve practiced in various styles and traditions and I draw on these different traditions in my classes.  Yoga Nidra has been an integral part of my practice since I started yoga and I share Total […]

Yoli Maya Yeh

Yoli Maya Yeh is a Yoga & Shiatsu Therapist (AOBTA, VYASA, Yoga for the Special Child) and an Educator in Comparative Religions and Global Studies (MA Comparative Religious Ethics). Yoli works at the intersection of Indigenous Preservation, Healing Arts and Social Justice through the design and implementation of experiential education-based Decolonization, Dialogue, Collaboration and Community […]

Sivani Mata Francis

Sivani Mata has been using Yoga Nidra, the sublime practice of “yogic sleep” as a daily practice for many years now, and in April 2013 she completed the Total Yoga Nidra teacher training with Nirlipta Tuli and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, and is now able to share this invaluable practice which has aided her healing process over the years. Sivani […]

Nirlipta Tuli

Nirlipta Tuli is a certified yoga therapist, who has been teaching yoga since 1989 and practising and teaching Yoga Nidra for almost as long. Nirlipta is the co-founder of the Yoga Nidra Network and has trained and mentored hundreds of teachers to deliver Total Yoga Nidra. Nirlipta has an MA in Indian religions, a diploma […]