Sangeeta Mittal

North Indian heritage, trained doctor and yoga teacher providing one to one sessions for healing to support the life journey and key stages in the life cycle, including pregnancy, cancer therapy and trauma recovery.


I believe that yoga is for every body and it’s important to me encourage mindful practice (inspired by my practice as a Buddhist), which enables people to deeply connect to their body’s wisdom. Over the past 9 years I have taught yoga in studios, community centres, warehouses, gyms and green spaces all over the UK […]

Eleanor Moran

Im Eleanor, a experienced Yoga teacher and a nurse for 25 years , I understand the impact stress has on a individuals mental and physical wellbeing. I work in a holistic and relaxed approach . I have regular retreats for mums to be in a quiet and beautiful setting. I also guide forestbathing walks which […]

Mia Tarduno

Mia is a Women’s Mentor, Yoga Instructor, and Professional Gathering Facilitator. Her mission is to weave ancient wisdom into the modern world. Her offerings include classes, trainings, ceremonies and retreats for individuals and groups. She is a 500hr Registered Yoga Instructor, Level 2 Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga Instructor, YACEP, Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, […]

Cecilia Allon

35-year-old woman feeling happiness, with her twisted arms & hand twist

Since discovering yoga in 1999, I’ve found my practice to be an incredibly powerful tool for support and positive transformation in my life.  I’ve practiced in various styles and traditions and I draw on these different traditions in my classes.  Yoga Nidra has been an integral part of my practice since I started yoga and I share Total […]

Sivani Mata Francis

Sivani Mata has been using Yoga Nidra, the sublime practice of “yogic sleep” as a daily practice for many years now, and in April 2013 she completed the Total Yoga Nidra teacher training with Nirlipta Tuli and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, and is now able to share this invaluable practice which has aided her healing process over the years. Sivani […]

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD

Uma met yoga in 1969, at the age of four, and fell in love. She’s been practicing ever since, and teaching yoga since 1994. A yoga therapist with special expertise in yoga therapy for women’s health, Uma is a mother of three, and has written four books on yoga for women, including the massive Yoni […]

Evi Xiromeriti

The profile pic of a grown-up chiropractic teacher

I am a Copenhagen-based yoga teacher offering classes in pregnancy yoga, mother and baby yoga, fertility yoga, yin/ restorative yoga, as well as workshops and retreats for women’s health and vitality. I am highly inspired by Uma’s teachings, and in my work I try to support women through the appropriate practices of yoga that include movement, breath, […]

Juliana at The Yoga Therapy Space

Such a beautiful girl sitting in yoga pose on the mat

Hi there, I’m Juliana, lovely to meet you. I offer mindful and therapeutic applications of yoga. Therapeutic yoga offers person centric therapeutic tools from movement, breath, mindful yoga and science for sustainable, resilient everyday living – supporting your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing so that you can thrive in modern life. Sessions offered Mindful yoga group […]