Total Yoga Nidra Online Foundation: Student Feedback & Testimonials

Just before the Total Yoga Nidra Online Foundation went on sale we recruited forty volunteers to trial it for us. Once they had finished the course we asked them to provide anonymous feedback. This is what they said:

100% of students rated the course excellent (72%) or good (28%) in terms of enjoyment

“I really enjoyed the whole course. It was an excellent overview.”

“I loved it all!”

“Absolutely excellent in all aspects; have thoroughly enjoyed every moment.”

100% of students rated the course excellent (80%) or good (20%) in terms of usefulness

“It was professionally presented and I feel blessed to have taken part of this course. Thank you!”

“The best thing was being able to listen to lectures when best for you and several times over - learnt MUCH more than when I attended the residential course. Really loved this format.”

“Comprehensive introduction.”

“Fantastic breadth and very well thought through.”

“I'm loving incorporating this as much as I can into my daily routine”

“Excellent representation of all the different styles.”

100% would recommend it to their friends, and 90% of yoga teachers would recommend it to their students

“I recommend it to every Yoga Nidra practitioner and to every Yoga teacher who wants to become a Yoga Nidra teacher.”

The structure of the course made sense to 100% of students. 92% thought we covered the right material, and 90% thought it was pitched at the right level

“The best thing about it was the structure, with each section being dedicated to a specific aspect of yoga nidra. The reading and videos complemented and consolidated my learning and of course the nidras themselves were varied and wonderful.”

“I have only ever practised Yoga Nidra in one style before and had some knowledge of what it entailed and its benefits. This course has totally opened my eyes to so much and I feel that this is just the start of my journey. The course materials are creative, enjoyable, informative, well researched and self nurturing. Thank you.”

“I cannot thank you enough for the professional delivery and course content.”

“The way the information was structured made the theory of yoga nidra a lot clearer to me than the weekend Foundation Course I attended in person. Clearly a lot of thought was put into organizing the information to make it comprehensive without being overwhelming.”

“The content of this course has intellectual rigour as well as openness, it is practical, comprehensive and professionally designed and led.”

95% thought we got the right balance between learning and practice. 98% rated the quality of the written material excellent or good; 95% rated the video quality excellent or good; and 80% rated the quality of the yoga nidra recording quality excellent or good.

“It is fantastic to have the opportunity to listen to different variations of yoga nidra, to experience the difference between them and getting inspired by the possibilities of using yoga nidra.”

“I love the different ways to have input, with viewing, reading and listening....very fun and entertaining.”

“Uma & Nirlipta complement each other very well and I like the touch of humour and open-mindedness as well as the competence of the speakers”

"I have found this course to be intellectually challenging, rigorous and open-minded, while committed to deepening practice. The teachers are very knowledgeable and they are excellent communicators. I very much value their intention to provide us with a space to know more about Yoga Nidra and further our practice from a clearly non-dogmatic stand, encouraging free thinking and commitment to a path of practice. I have found the materials to be superb. It has been a joy to watch the videos: so professional in quality and in delivery."

“The best thing was the depth of information shared in a knowledgeable, yet humble way. The videos are intimate and engaging.”

100% found Uma's delivery of the course to be excellent or good, and 95% found Nirlipta's delivery of the course to be excellent or good.

“I loved the dynamic between Nirlipta and Uma, and their relationship with the viewer on the videos. The text is great to be able to read and refer back to after watching the video. It caters for all learning types.”

“It was wonderful to have Uma and Nirlipta together in the videos as they both gave slightly different explanations. Gave a holistic view of Yoga Nidra.”

“I’d say the flow of it was really nice. I found it helpful to read the text first and then have all the info consolidated by watching the video. I think Uma and Nirlipta are very sweet in the way they put together their knowledge and different personalities to deliver the information in video format.”

“A good team! Great to have two faces to watch, your interactions keeping it very real, and interesting as a viewer.”

“I thought Uma and Nirlipta appeared to be real experts in Yoga Nidra. I was happy they felt it could be adapted to modern culture for various purposes.”

Thanks to everyone who took part in our trial.