Here are many lovely different video recordings of practices, reflections and sharing’s. Some of the videos are recorded over the years in training courses, and gatherings, so they are informal, live versions. Please know also that there are loads more videos, live yoga nidra practices, poems and presentations available on these YouTube channels and also on my Patreon and Facebook Pages, as well as a variety of online practice videos available to buy in our shop. 

Uma Talks

Ethics, Justice, Freedom and Yoga Nidra: Comments from the Yoga Nidra Network

Yoga Nidra as conscious deep sleep, perspectives from the Himalayan tradition

Rolf Sovik has a deep understanding of the practice of yoga nidra as a heart-based state of consciousness, and he shares his understanding of yoga nidra with clarity. Here he considers contemporary uses of the term ‘Yoga Nidra’ and provides a very sensible antidote to the ‘lets trademark this!’ approach. It is really worth connecting with this video which has Rolf Sovik reflecting thoughtfully on the topic “What is yoga Nidra?’

Total Yoga Nidra for Sleep with Nirlipta Tuli

History of Yoga Nidra

Benefits of Yoga nidra

Yoga nidra and meditation

Sample of settling for yoga nidra

Yoga nidra and sleep

What is yoga nidra?

Why is yoga nidra revolutionary?

Yoga for Women: why do we need it?

Women’s Yoga Inclusion Statement

Uma’s statement of inclusion.

Bhakti, Sangha & Yoga Nidra – Yoga Therapy for Women’s Health

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD talks about the key ingredients of effective Yoga Therapy for Women’s Health.

Yoga Nidra for Yoga Therapy in Women’s Health

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD explains the integral role that Yoga Nidra plays in Yoga Therapy for Women’s Health.

Yoni Shakti

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli introduces her new book Yoni Shakti: a Woman’s Guide to Power and Freedom through Yoga and Tantra. History, philosophy, practical yoga tantra, testimony and radical feminism: potent mixture, juicy… more



Princess Pea Yoga Nidra with visualisation- Theo Wildcroft- Yoga Nidra Network

A playful 15 minute yoga nidra practice led by Theo Wildcroft and recorded at Santosa Yoga Camp 2019, just before bedtime. Part of a collection of field recordings from yoga camps in the summer of 2019. New themes, new stories and a lingering taste of summer.

New Year, New Cycle- Solstice Yoga Nidra- Susie Ro Prater- Yoga Nidra Network

This 25 minute DreamSong Yoga Nidra led by Susie Ro Prater is for stepping into this new cycle around the Winter Solstice, into a New Year, 2020 Vision. The song at 11 minutes 55 seconds was improvised in the moment for this Nidra session.

Full Moon in Cancer Yoga Nidra (January 2020) – Mel Skinner- Yoga Nidra Network

This 19 minute yoga nidra, inspired by the full moon in Cancer and led by Mel Skinner, is a dreamy invitation to fully reside in the space you are in, and to plant any seeds of desire firmly into the space of the heart at this the time of a new year. The first full moon of the year 2020 is a full moon in Cancer, and is also known as the wolf moon.

Heart Womb River Greeting

Heart Womb River Sequence (Seated)

Uma guides you through Heart Womb River / Hridaya Yoni Nadi Sequence from Yoni Shakti.

Being in the Cycles

A flowing sequence of Yoni Shakti Yoga.

Many Yoni Mudra Sequence

A selection of yoni mudra (source power hand gestures) in a flowing sequence. Detailed instructions for all these mudras are presented in chapter five of Yoni Shakti.

Opening the Lotus to Prana Shakti

Hasta mudra (hand gesture) for acceptance, tranquility and vitality

Yoga for menopause joint pain

Uma talks you through a gentle beginner’s practice which can be helpful for menopausal arthralgia.

Yoga for menopause anxiety

Uma talks you through a breathing trick to help you calm down

Menopause Yoga Nidra for disturbed sleep and low mood

Uma guides you through a daytime supercharged catnap version of Yoga Nidra to support good sleep and regulate your mood.

Yoga for menopause anxiety

Uma talks you through a breathing trick to help you calm down

Online Videos to Purchase

Meet the Mahavidyas – Living with the Temple Goddesses

An introduction to the Meet the Mahavidyas online video. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD and Nirlipta Tuli talk about the 10 Mahavidyas from Uma’s unique Source Power perspective, drawing upon the practices from her book, Yoni Shakti. 

The Mermaid – Sacroiliac Stabilising Practice

The full video is available to buy here.

The Golden Thread Breath

An introduction to The Golden Thread Breath, which features on The Breath Series – first described in Uma Dinsmore-Tuli’s book Mother’s Breath.

"When we connect with the shared knowledge that pours from the blood wisdom of women's experience and knowing, then it as if we re-discover what we ourselves already know deep within ourselves"

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