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A warm welcome to the global web of Yoga Nidra Network & Yoni Shakti teachers, facilitators and yoga therapists that come from over 45 countries!

Yoga Nidra Network teacher-members come from a number of different yoga training backgrounds but are united in a desire to share the wonderful practice as widely as possible, and to bring the blessings of yoga nidra and yoni shakti to everyone everywhere. 

If you are looking for a local teacher, please search the listing to find a teacher whose class might suit you in terms of focus and locality. 

If you are a teacher who shares yoga nidra in your classes or trained with Uma in Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therapy and would like to be part of this directory, then we invite you to upload your teacher profile here.

Please note that we do not operate a franchise or licensing system. We do not enjoy the kind of restrictions and limitations under which people who work within such systems are placed.  

We have chosen not to trademark or license this work, and we do not enforce strict rules about how it is used and what can be done with the material Nirlipta and Uma share.  Their trainings are about empowering teachers to discover their own response to the experience of yoga nidra and yoga for women.

This means that each teacher/facilitator/yoga therapist listed here is drawing upon the deep and inexhaustible wellspring of their own creative response. There are no prescribed set sequences for them to learn by rote and replicate. On the contrary, each teacher/facilitator/yoga therapist here is offering yoga nidra and yoga for women straight from their heart, and each one has their own interpretation and understanding of what they may have learnt from Nirlipta and Uma.  So everyone is different. And every class is different. This is good news. What we have here is an inclusive and celebratory constellation of shining yoginis.  

We trust that each teacher in their own way shares yoga nidra and yoga for women that is nurturing, nourishing, re-vitalising and totally appropriate to the individuals in the classes. 




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