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About me, Emma Abhijeeta

Welcome to the Cauldron of Truth, where you meet yourself truly, wholly In Love.

I feel blessed to share with you the birth of ‘Sacred Hearth’ which came to me in the form of a poem on the Winter Solstice 2015.

‘Sacred Hearth’ is the Temple of the Heart… the offerings here are born out of the fire of Love and are ever evolving, as I am, in Love. They have emerged out of my own personal process unravelling the layers of misunderstanding in the thinking mind.  Over the past 9 years particularly, there has been a profound melting away of the ‘personal’ me and my story.  I have been stripped (and continue to be!) of closely held beliefs, ideas and identification. So, as I write this, I wonder, what to say ‘about me’ when Love has melted away so much identification with the body-mind.

I no longer call myself a yoga teacher, therapist, women’s circle facilitator or healer, yet I live ‘yoga’ and have the tools to teach all aspects of yoga, offer inspired guidance, living wisdom, massage, healing and facilitate a space where beings can remember who they are.  All I really know is I am beyond all name and form, I am here to serve Love and that is my devotion, my dedication.  I follow the guidance of the intuitive heart, wherever it leads.

So, I know I am here to serve Love, but how am I to do so?  The answer is truly, I don’t know entirely – it seems that is an ongoing discovery.  I do see however, that the more ‘I’ am not doing, the more Love flows like a river unimpeded.  I must be willing to let go of any need to ‘know’ anything and continuously do so.  Only Love knows how we are to serve in each moment.  My only task is to listen deeply, to rest in the silence of Being, to fully allow and embrace everything that arises in life, to be the Goodness that I am.  I am here to know my Self as Love and to emanate – to sing my unique song within the One Great Vibration of Existence. That is all. Yet, so often the mind wants to know the details of how and when I am going to get there and what it will look like when I do!!

For the benefit of the enquiring mind that wishes to know more about Emma, I will share a little of my journey…

I began practising yoga and meditation when I was in my teens, which later led me to study the art of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and Satyananda (Bihar School of) Yoga, which I have been practising and teaching for almost 20 years.  I met my Yogic Guru Swami Niranjanananda Sawaswati in 2002. I took many initiations throughout this time and spent over 10 years living a ‘sannyasa’ life, dedicated to the spiritual path of yoga.  I founded and ran a yoga and therapy centre in London for 5 years and spent many years facilitating a space where beings could rebalance, restore and find calm, peace and contentment through yoga.

Various experiences have allowed for the unravelling of the ‘personal’ me…. Love’s grace placed me in the ashram at the time of Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s Mahasamadhi (conscious leaving of the body) in 2009.  I had been praying to have a direct experience of Divine Love for many years and Swamiji’s passing offered me this. This began a very deep process of disintegration, breaking down the layers of conditioning built up over years.  The ‘doer’ was very strong in this one and had to be collapsed.  The initiation of motherhood in 2011 allowed for an even greater surrender and continues to be a great teacher, moment to moment. Motherhood also brought the birth of ‘Womb Song’; working deeply with women to awaken the power of Shakti, heal the wounds of the Feminine, and embody our Divine Feminine essence.

In 2013, I met my teacher, a pure embodiment of Love, Sri Saraswathi Ma, with whom I have spent much time sitting with in satsang. All of these experiences and many in between have offered me a direct experience of Pure Love beyond any concept and a deep trust and surrender to Life.  I am immensely grateful for this process, for in the stripping, the mind no longer minds.  I have come to know peace and contentment even in the midst of challenges that continue to arise in life.  I know it is not my life to live and offer myself at the feet of Love in service. Thy will be done.

It seems as I am emerge out of the chrysalis (the ‘cosmic mulch’ as Sri Ma once called it…), I am being called to engage with beings more deeply – those who feel the call to the heart and have a deep longing to know Truth.

At this time, my offerings are in the form of group meetings in the heart, 1-1 guidance sessions, yoga, movement, meditation, retreats, women’s work, menstruality awareness, special events and Love Cake & Chai. These offerings are open to anyone who is ready to discover their true nature and explore how this realisation might infuse their daily life.

I look forward to meeting you in the Heart of Being.

in deepening Love
‹Emma Abhijeeta
June 2017

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