Welcome Home to Yourself!

Yoga Nidrā Network

Welcome home to the ‘yoga of sleep’. You’ll find resources here to help you rediscover your rested self. Yoga nidrā is everyone’s treasure, a potent meditative resource to nourish, and reconnect. We are dedicated to supporting your practice of yoga nidrā, to nurture your well-being and restore your rhythmic cycles.

Looking for your perfect yoga nidrā? Listen for free in over twenty different languages. Unique recordings by great teachers from around the world to help you rest and reconnect. Yoga nidrā for many purposes, including to help you sleep…

Welcome Home to Yourself!

Yoga Nidrā Network

Welcome home to the ‘yoga of sleep’. You’ll find resources here to help you rediscover your rested self. Yoga nidrā is everyone’s treasure, a potent meditative resource to nourish, and reconnect. We are dedicated to supporting your practice of yoga nidrā, to nurture your well-being and restore your rhythmic cycles.

Yes! This is the home for Yoni Shakti yoga therapy for women’s health at every stage of life: nourishing rhythmic practices to support lifelong vitality and cyclical wisdom. Workshops, classes, trainings and more…

Yoga Nidra Made Easy

Yoga Nidra Made Easy: Deep Relaxation Practices to Improve Sleep, Relieve Stress and Boost Energy and Creativity

Discover the energising, healing benefits of Yoga Nidra with this empowering beginner’s guide, and, access better sleep and find inner peace and wellbeing. Yoga Nidra is an effortless and nourishing yoga practice that involves no physical movement, simply resting and listening. It is an adaptive, meditative state of being that anyone can access to find healing, nourishment and liberation.

Yoga Nidra Made Easy demystifies Yoga Nidra and contains effective guidance, practical exercises and simple techniques for easily achieving the power of deep rest. Through jargon-free, clear explanations, highly respected experts on Yoga Nidra

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Dinsmore-Tuli touch upon their decades of teaching experience to explore the psychological, physical and spiritual benefits of welcoming more yogic sleep into your life.

Yoni Shakti

A Woman’s Guide to Power and Freedom Through Yoga and Tantra

Yoni Shakti means ‘Source Power’ in Sanskrit. It’s the title of a 680-page book by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli dedicated to nurturing women’s vitality well-being through nourishing yoga therapy and reconnection to rhythmic cycles of health. Yoni Shakti the book is a rich resource supporting women’s lifelong health in many ways including trainings, bookclubs , workshops, retreats, and more.

Yoni Shakti means ‘Source Power’ in Sanskrit. It’s the title of the 680-page book by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD dedicated to nurturing women’s vitality and well-being through nourishing yoga therapy and reconnection to rhythmic cycles. Yoni Shakti is a rich resource supporting women’s lifelong health in many ways including teacher trainings, book clubs, workshops retreats, and more: 

  • Woman-centred yoga therapy for lifelong wellness and support for women’s health issues
  • Yoga that respects the cyclical nature of women’s bodies and reconnects to the source of vitality 
  • Womb Yoga practices to honour and embrace the original blood wisdom of your womb, or womb space energies, as the source of feminine intuition, connection, creativity and nurture.
  • Respectful connection to the Ten Wisdom Goddesses ( (Daśa Mahāvidya) as guardians of the ‘female siddhis’, initiations, into power through life wisdom.
  • Radical re-visioning of the history of yoga for women
  • Yoga nidrā specially created for women’s health, including Yoni Nidra
  • Workshops and retreats offering nourishing yoga that supports women’s well-being
  • Online Immersion course for menstrual and cyclical health
  • Training courses for teachers, facilitators and health care practitioners
  • Yoni Shakti: The Movement – a public awareness campaign to eradicate the abuse of women in yoga

Yoni Shakti is currently only available in the Kindle Edition. You can buy your own copy of Yoni Shakti here.

Nidrā Shakti:
The Power of Rest

An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Yoga Nidrā

This long-awaited, seven-hundred page Encyclopaedia of Yoga Nidrā includes chapters on the ‘Histories of Yoga Nidra’, ‘Yoga Nidra as Medicine’, and a unique ‘A-Z Guide’ to aspects of the practice. It also includes interviews with, and contributions from forty-three of the world’s most inspirational Yoga Nidrā facilitators, including Kamini Desai, Julie Lusk, Richard Miller, Rod Stryker, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Nirlipta Tuli and Theodora Wildcroft, all gathered together, along with many other luminaries in the ‘Worlds of Yoga Nidra’ chapter. In addition, the ‘Treasury of Transcripts’ offers a diversity of unique Yoga Nidrā Practices that have been specially transcribed for the Encyclopaedia.

A labour of love, the Encyclopaedia is now available for pre-order here. For sneak previews of Nidrā Shakti, head over to Uma’s PATREON Page. Subscribe for just £7 a month and you will receive regular excerpts from Nidrā Shakti​ as well as exclusive, seasonal Yoga Nidrās​ stories and poems.

One to ones with Nirlipta Tuli

Nirlipta has been working with people on a one to one basis for about a quarter of a century, firstly with yoga as therapy, then as a clinical hypnotherapist and more recently with Nidra therapy, a concept he devised in conjunction with his partner Uma. He works in a responsive, reassuring and permissive manner. Very deep relaxation is almost always part of the process. Co-created nidra/ a unique and soothing approach for pregnancy/ nidra for managing anxiety/ nidra for personal exploration/ therapeutic nidra.

The sessions tend to be extremely relaxing so it is good to ensure, (as far as is feasible) that the time immediately after the session can be one of down time rather than being too stimulating. Whichever session you chose, I recommend after you have booked your session that you take the time to write to bookings@thesource.co before the session. Generally, it is suggested that clients briefly describe their concerns and what they hope to get out of the session(s) when booking, so that best use of our time together may be made.

A person sitting in a meditative pose with their eyes closed, surrounded by a textured background

Operating Ethics

Right action is part of our yogic path.

Right action is part of our yogic path. This statement is the result of our collective efforts since 2009, when we first began to share Total Yoga Nidra. It shares the foundational beliefs which have shaped our work and continue to inspire our choices. We at the Yoga Nidra Network are an independent post-lineage collective of teachers, trainers, practitioners and students from all over the world and we strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • We know the experience of Total Yoga Nidra can offer an encounter with freedom.
  • We share Total Yoga Nidra as a liberatory practice that, at its best can offer practitioners the freedom to be fully at home to themselves, and completely free to be whoever they are, just as they are.
  • We affirm that Black Lives Matter. To love and desire freedom and justice for Black people is a prerequisite for wanting freedom and justice for all. The Yoga Nidra Network is an anti-racist collective and we stand in solidarity with Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BBIPOC) communities, who have been disenfranchised, marginalised and violently harmed for far too long. We lend our voice to the growing call for meaningful change worldwide.
  • We developed Total Yoga Nidra and the Yoga Nidra Network as our response to the exclusionary, harmful and limiting experiences we encountered in traditional yoga nidra lineages, and we seek to provide an antidote to those harms we and others have experienced. We seek to make our work accessible and available to all who may benefit from it.
Two people standing together, smiling and looking at the camera

Meet the Founders

Teaching yoga since 1989, Nirlipta, has an MA in Indian religions, a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, and a degree in art history. He created all the illustrations for Uma’s book Yoni Shakti: A Woman’s Guide to Power and Freedom through Yoga and Tantra (2014).
Uma’s, PhD is in communications, and she holds two diplomas in yoga therapy. Teaching yoga since 1996, she has been training teachers and yoga therapists internationally since 2003.
Born in Luton to Indian parents in 1964, Nirlipta first encountered yoga in 1987 in HMP Blantyre House. Born in London to an Irish mother and English father in 1965, Uma first encountered yoga while watching Yoga for Health on Thames TV in 1969.
Proud to live in Stroud, a funky rural town in the Cotswold Hills of England, Nirlipta and Uma now share their home with seven cats. Their three children were all born at home in the Sitaram South London Yoga Centre where, for 10 years, Nirlipta and Uma shared therapeutic yoga and yoga nidrā with thousands of local families. They both share a deep reverence for dreams, Indian food, and the goddess Nidrā Shakti. About much else, they disagree.

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"Yoga nidrā is an effortless state of restfulness in the form of a horizontal meditation that takes place just on the threshold of sleep"


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