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A Wellness Guide and a Touch Therapist, Adrianna is based in Oxfordshire, South Portugal and at British summertime festivals. She has trained with the School of Bodywork in Exeter, Marty Ryan in the USA, Rudd Baanders in Oxford, Homprang Chaleekanha in Thailand, Janine Hurley in Manchester, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in Stroud & Bonny Casel with the School of Natural Medicine in London.

Wellness Guide:

As someone who has focused on health and wellbeing from before her Menarche years Adrianna has journeyed through chronic illness and physical distress using it as her own guide to create a toolbox to educate herself and support others towards the potential for expansion in to lightness instead of heaviness in pain and malfunction.

She is a Women’s Wellness Yoga Teacher, a Pregnancy Yoga Instructor, a Meditation Journey guide, a Functional Body promoter and a Nutritional Coach.

Touch Therapies:

Adrianna offers care and restoration using touch techniques to people who are seeking nourishment and invigoration. Through her therapies she aims to increase well-being in the world using heart opening experiences in safe environments assisting people to connect to their body and take control of their own healing journey. She is a grounded, calm, professional therapist, a free dancer and creatrix, connected to the elements of the natural world. She offers MFR, Abdominal, Fertility & Pregnancy Touch, Reflexology and IHM. E.g:

Myofascial Release

A physical therapy focusing on the soft, connective & continuous web of tissue around the body (Fascia). An incredibly powerful therapy which helps to alleviate physical tension, emotional constrictions & tissue imbalances. By feeling & stretching in to the fascial network Adrianna is able to identify physical traumas within the body and facilitate the discharge of energy manifested by trauma & reinstate the natural health of the fascial system. Following physical and emotional trauma through surgery, poor posture, tensions, scarring, accidents and stressful situations, fascia hardens, dehydrates and creates restrictions resulting in pain and limitation of movement. This is Adriannas favourite treatment as the results can be instantaneous for anyone willing to surrender to their bodys needs. Its a very nurturing, gentle type of treatment that is more Yin (feminine) than Yang and very effective for all over body restrictions. The neck and cranial treatment alone can assist with managing neck trauma, T.M.J., headaches and migraines.

Abdominal Massage

The abdominal treatments Adrianna provide make use of three different modalities including Myofascial Release, Visceral Manipulation & Accupresure. She works initially with the fascial system, enabling structures within the tender and vulnerable core to soften, allowing for healing in more superficial tissues, before working with the digestive, urinary or reproductive systems.  The sessions are able to support recovery from digestive, reproductory & urinary ailments. Illnesses can include IBS, indigestion, acid reflux, menorrhagia & menstrual imbalance, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, fertility issues, bladder problems & general tightness/restriction in the abdomen. Abdominal work is slow and sensitive, it can be very powerful to help cleanse any restrictions and make way for deeper restoration within the core.

For The Mother

Massage during pregnancy may help eliviate insomnia, cramping, carpal tunnel pain, headaches, lower back pain & sinus congestion. Techniques are often slow, gentle & encourage lymph drainage. Adrianna is also trained in naturally engaging breech babies to facilitate movement to a comfortable birthing position. Using Myofascial Release she can offer support during SPD & help to readjust the pelvis to a state of relief after the trauma of birth.

Most people are in need of more physical touch with or without knowing it. Before, during and after pregnancy a womans emotional and physical body requires even greater devotion and care. Adrianna offers women treatments on the reproductive system:

Before Conception – to help support ongoing fertility treatment and prepare the uterus and abdomen for physical and hormonal changes
During Pregnancy and birth – to offer relief from painful physical changes
Breech Babies – to naturally re-position fetuses and turn
After Birth – to help realign the pelvis and treat symphysis pubis dysfunction

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