Seraina Drabe

Als Yogalehrerin fuer feminines Yoga und Zyklus-Mentorin, widmet sich Seraina ganz der weiblichen Kraft. Sie hilft dir dabei dein inneres Wissen wieder neu zu entdecken und in die Verbindung mit deinem Schossraum zu kommen, um wieder mehr zu dir zu finden. Gerne unterstützt sie dich auch während deiner Schwangerschaft, Geburt und im Wochenbett.


With over 22 years of alchemising my offerings supporting men and women from around the world to embody their power, voice, truth, sovereignty, gifts & purpose. Weaving together a tailored holistic approach combining body purification, breath, meditation, sound, yoga, nutrition, energy healing, coaching, hypnotherapy, massage, self love rituals, tantric practices, aromatherapy, herbology, sacred ceremony and […]

Þorgerður Gefjun Sveinsdóttir

Ceremonial offerings of women´s circles and family gatherings where Yoga Nidra is woven through to promote nourishing rest and rejuvenation

Alaska Sorrel Trotman

My approach to Yoga is inspired by Womb Yoga, Holistic Hatha and Yoga Nidra. In my classes I blend these elements, also incorporating wisdom from the natural world such as expressions of the season. My yoga classes help support softening into ourselves and connecting with our own true nature in order to maximise joy and […]

Ewa Monika Rumieńczyk

Yoga appeared in my life at the most appropriate moment. In 2010, I hit the mat, and that’s when my path to myself through body contact began. I’ve started a teacher training course in Krakow using the Iyengar method, ​The training and stay in India has opened my heart and body to the softness, gentleness, […]

Tamsyn Green

I am a midwife, antenatal educator and yoga teacher, who is passionate about relationship-based care in community settings. I love supporting women through embodied birth preparation and creating spaces where the diversity of needs and experiences in childbirth can be explored freely. The challenges I faced in midwifery led me to yoga as a powerful […]

Laura Michelle

Laura Michelle (she/her) began practicing yoga almost 20 years ago, where she found a place of rediscovery, exploration and connection.  She found living yoga to be a beautiful resting place for compassion and self-discovery, and a necessity to be shared with others.  During the past decade, she’s focused on connecting with the rhythms of her […]

Christina Joy

My name is Chrissie and I live in the East of England. I discovered the practices of yoga and meditation after travelling to India in 2006, frequently returning to study and live in an Ashram. In 2011 I completed a 3 year yoga course with the British Wheel of Yoga. I am influenced by the […]

Léa-Jeanne Sachot

Léa-Jeanne is an Embodied Presence Facilitator, Menstrual Cycle Wisdom Mentor, Womb-Healing Artist, and Earth Activist with a passionate commitment to remembering, honoring, embodying, and celebrating the sacred cycles of Life. She offers one-on-one mentoring & healing sessions as well as workshops, women’s circles, and retreats in English, French, and German. She weaves into her offerings […]