I Let Go – Autumn DreamSong

This Autumn DreamSong for my Alchemy of Song retreat November 2021 cradles you in the tree of life as we begin to sink into winter. The song within it is improvised in the moment responding to the journey we are on together. Lie back and receive the wisdom of each falling leaf as we learn […]

Queen of the Moon – Childrens Nidra

Heart-centred, vivid and nourishing meditations and relaxation practices for the young – a sample track from the album Total Yoga Nidra for Children by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli Phd and Lucy Arnsby-Wilson DPsych. If you enjoyed listening to this track you can purchase the full audio album in our shop. We hope they inspire you and the […]

Intimate Mantra Yoga Nidra em portuguese (Brasil)

33 minutos. Baseado no poderoso sistema da Cabala, este ritual de cura assume a forma de uma sessao de yoga nidra para levi¡-lo a um estado de tranquilidade e plenitude. Sente-se ou deite-se confortavelmente, deixe o raciocinio de lado e permita que a pra¡tica aconteca por conta propria…

Welcoming the Deep Feminine Nidra

A 26min yoga nidra recorded live as part of an online Women’s Yoga Circle 8th December 2020. It includes at rotation with the mantra Jai Ma offered to each place on the body. It closes with a beautiful poem by Carly Mountain, www.carlymountain.com For more nidra with Sivani Mata live and in person please find […]

Rainbow Lightbody DreamSong

This is an early-spring-time 30 minute private DreamSong nidra with a chanelled in-the-moment song. It is for those who want to welcome all that is, and respond with love… even welcoming the guest of fear into your guest house.  Find my music and workshops at www.susiero.com

Solstice New Year New Cycle DreamSong

This 24 minute DreamSong Nidra is for stepping into this new cycle, into 2020 Vision. The song at minute 11.55 was improvised in the moment for this Nidra session. 

I am light

This 26 minute nidra was recorded during my slow flow & yoga nidra class. The intention of this nidra is to welcome all that arises, every emotion  feeling and sensation and to release all that we wish to let go off and nourish ourselves with whatever it is we feel we need.  We start this […]

Your Voice is a Miracle, You are a Song’ DreamSong Nidra

You are a song. This 29 minute DreamSong Nidra with a channeled/improvised song is awakening the miracle of a living instrument that you are. It is to remember that each of us are made of sound, to welcome the jewel of your voice exactly as it is, to drop into the truth of this very […]

Blossoming Flower of Trust DreamSong

This 35 minute DreamSong Nidra with two channeled/improvised songs is for those who want to open their gifts out into the world and blossom into full trust of life. This Nidra is also for balancing Giving and Receiving, for harmonising the constellation of your loved ones in your life, and for dropping into deep trust of yourself, and […]

Open yet Contained, Expansive yet Protected – Nidra DreamSong

Lalla Songs EP | Nidra DreamSong

“I am not alone” – This 34 minute Nidra, with two improvised songs of the moment, brings about a balance and wholeness dropping into an expansion and openness of the heart but a solidifying of boundaries and protection. Lyrics of one of the worlds best Nidra DreamSong.