Samadhi Yoga Nidra Healing

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation, a practiced in pure comfort while laying down in order to eliminate distractions and float with ease through the door of illumination where we experience our truest essence, the creation point where everything is known and everything is possible. While Yoga Nidra has been used for millenia to awaken to our […]

Seance de yoga nidra par Lucie Levesque

Le yoga nidra est une technique de meditation guidee qui est sans effort et qui amene le corps dans une relaxation tres profonde qui transcende le mental. Dans cet etat de conscience pure, le corps se guerit naturellement et il est possible de changer sa relation avec la peur, l’anxietee, l’insecurite en plaeant une intention. […]

21 Minute Rejuvenation

Only 21 minutes long. Great for  quick but thorough body rejuvenation and mental clearing. Based on the IAM method (Integrative Amrit Method) of Yoga Nidra, this yoga nidra is energy-based and drops you via prana from thinking mind to the state of being. Techniques include counted breath and 61 point body rotation to free trapped energies and optimize the flow […]